Acclaimed director David Fincher is involved in two upcoming projects with HBO.

The two shows have quite different backgrounds. First up, Fincher is teaming with author James Ellroy for a series called Shakedown. The series is described as “a noir-ish crime show set in L.A., in a similar 1950s milieu.” The series is based on a real-life detective Fred Otash, who has been the inspiration for some of Ellroy’s novels in the past, and was also loosely interpreted in Roman Polanski’s Chinatown.

Ellroy, who authored LA Confidential, is in familiar territory with Shakedown. It is unclear whether or not Fincher will direct all the episodes, serve as producer, or direct the pilot. The two artists were reportedly close to a deal with FX back in 2012 before the deal fell through and they took it to HBO.

The second project Fincher is working on with HBO has just recently been announced. Fincher will direct the pilot for a show based on the 80s music video scene. The show, titled Living On Noise, is not expected to be a documentary but a dramatic series, according to the report in The Wrap. Fincher got his start as a filmmaker in the late 80s, directing the music videos “Express Yourself” and “Vogue” for Madonna.

Fincher’s current shift to television comes as he has voiced his frustrations with the Hollywood studio system. In the interview with The Wrap, Fincher discussed the studio meddling and their treatment of audiences:

“Studios treat audiences like lemmings, like cattle in a stockyard. I don’t want to ask actors or anyone else on a movie to work so hard with me if the studios treat us as though we’re making Big Macs. ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ is not a Big Mac. ‘Gone Girl’ is not a Big Mac. This TV show I’m doing about music videos in the 1980s and the crew members who worked on them, or this other show, a Sunset Boulevard set in the world of soaps — they’re not Big Macs. I don’t make Big Macs.”

No release dates are attached to the David Fincher HBO projects at this point. Fincher’s latest film, Gone Girl, is one of the biggest box office successes of the year thus far, and is expected to nab a few Oscar nominations next month.