Dave Grohl Talks Taylor Swift Spotify Feud: 'I Don't F--king Care'

Dave Grohl on Taylor Swift’s Spotify fight, “I don’t f–king care.” His response comes weeks after the ‘1989’ artist pulled her entire discography from the streaming service, and his words can’t be more blunt.

Grohl can be viewed as the global ambassador rock n’ roll, a title that he calls egotistical and pretentious. Since October, when his band Foo Fighters aired their documentary ‘Sonic Highways’, which has coincided with the album of the same name and a weeklong Letterman residency, Grohl has been just about everywhere. It was only a matter of time before he gave his input on Swift vs. Spotify.

Taylor Swift, even more than Grohl, is literally everywhere. Since her album ‘1989’ dropped, the young artist has been on multiple magazine covers, she’s had plenty of television appearances, and you can find her in just about any form of media imaginable.

Spotify however is the one place you won’t find Ms. Swift, seeing she has removed her music from the streaming service, calling it a grand experiment.

Dave Grohl on Taylor Swift’s Spotify fight, “I don’t f–king care.” He has been asked to give his thoughts on Swift vs. streaming by Digital Spy, and he says:

“Me personally? I don’t f–king care. That’s just me, because I’m playing two nights at Wembley in London next summer. I want people to hear our music. I don’t care if you pay $1 or f–king $20 for it; just listen to the f–king song. But I can understand how other people would object to that.”

The Foo Fighters frontman elaborates further on giving music to the people.

“You want people to f–king listen to your music? Give them your music, and then go play a show. They like hearing your music? They’ll go see a show. To me it’s that simple, and I think it used to work that way. Nowadays there’s so much focus on technology that it doesn’t really matter.”

Dave Grohl on Taylor Swift’s Spotify fight, “I don’t f–king care.” Do you think Grohl puts things into a perspective that everyone can get behind?