Colin Farrell Fights For Gay Marriage Rights In Ireland, Personal Reason

Colin Farrell is fighting for gay marriage in Ireland, and he says it is very personal to him. Colin Farrell’s gay brother Eamon got married in Canada, being that they couldn’t have a wedding in Ireland because they don’t support it.

Farrell believes gay marriage in Ireland should be recognized, and he thinks it’s ridiculous that his brother had to go to Canada to marry his spouse Steven. The actor has published a letter in Ireland’s Sunday World, and he calls out the government for preventing Eamon from getting married in his own country.

Colin Farrell fights for gay marriage in Ireland, and he says:

My brother Eamon didn’t choose to be gay. Yes, he chose to wear eyeliner to school and that probably wasn’t the most pragmatic response to the daily torture he experienced at the hands of school bullies.

Farrell goes into talking about how proud his brother is to be gay, and then gets to the point of his letter.

They are about the healthiest and happiest couple I know. They had to travel a little farther than down the aisle to make their vows, though, to Canada, where their marriage was celebrated.

That’s why this is personal to me. The fact that my brother had to leave Ireland to have his dream of being married become real is insane. INSANE.

It’s time to right the scales of justice here. To sign up and register to vote next year so that each individual’s voice can be heard.

How often do we get to make history in our lives? Not just personal history. Familial. Social. Communal. Global. The world will be watching. We will lead by example. Let’s lead toward light.

Ireland will have a vote for gay marriage rights come spring 2015, and there has been a big push to recognize it. Apparently 67% of the country is in favor of same sex marriages, and Mr. Farrell is a part of that number.

Colin Farrell fights for gay marriage in Ireland, and he encourages Irish citizens to vote in support of the cause. What way do you think the vote will sway next year?