Christian Bale Clarifies 'The Dark Knight Rises' Ending

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ ending has left many people wondering about Bruce Wayne’s fate, questioning whether he made it out dead or alive. Christian Bale, the man who played Batman in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, explains the end of the film.

Nolan is known for his ambiguous endings, which he often leaves open for the viewer to interpret. Fans of his work have gone on tangents to explain their thoughts on the last scenes of ‘Inception’ and ‘Interstellar’, and the final Batman movie is no different.

At the end of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Batman is seemingly caught in a nuclear explosion, and some people think he never made it out alive. There are viewers that believe the ending of the film is actually a dream of Alfred’s (Michael Caine), seeing that Batman left Gotham City with Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) for paradise, and it all seems too perfect for a Christopher Nolan ending.

Caine has once explained that the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ ending is no imaginary dream, and what we see is reality. However, some people still aren’t convinced that Batman is alive at the end.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ ending has finally been interpreted by Christian Bale himself. The Academy Award winner claims Batman is still alive, and he’s no longer under the burden of being Bruce Wayne.

“I find it very interesting and with most films, I tend to say, ‘It’s what the audience thinks it is.’ My personal opinion? No, it was not a dream. That was for real and he was just delighted that finally he had freed himself from the privilege, but ultimately the burden, of being Bruce Wayne.”

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ ending can hopefully be laid to rest now that Bale has clarified it. The movie has a happy ending according to the Batman actor, but do you think the Dark Knight should’ve been killed off in the trilogy’s finale?

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