Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are going strong after the hiccup in their relationship at the end of last year. They broke things off and he publicly dissed her at a club event. He later apologized, but then she revealed that he was allegedly abusive of her. Now, we’ve learned that her family doesn’t actually like Brown and that it has her quite upset.

Brown and Tran have reconciled their differences and are reportedly engaged to be married. Of course, because of his violent past, her family doesn’t exactly approve of Tran’s relationship with the rapper. In fact, we’ve heard that her family’s dislike for the rapper is causing tension for the model.

A source close to the situation told Hollywood Life, “Karrueche understands her family’s reasons for not liking Chris. She’s tired of hearing them tell her how awful he’s treated her and how she should leave him and be with someone else who they think will treat her better. Karrueche absolutely respects her family and loves them to death but she’s not going to leave Chris and it’s causing tension.”

The source continued, “She’s hoping that Chris and Joyce Hawkins will be willing to sit down for a meal with some of her family and just hash their feelings out. She wants everything to be out in the open and address whatever issues the sides have.”

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran might be together for a long time, so they might as well get everything out in the open so they can begin their future together on solid footing. The source added, “Karrueche wants to be with Chris for a very long time. And if everything goes well, she sees herself being Mrs. Brown. That’s in the future. It’s not happening tomorrow, but at least when it does, she wants both families to be mended and be one giant family.”

Do you think they will last as a couple?

[Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr]

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