With the massive popularity surrounding social networking tools Facebook, Twitter, and now the latest and most quickly growing, Google +, celebrities in all areas have turned to using these sites to promote themselves, upcoming projects such as movies or television appearances and also their various charities and interests.

There are literally billions of users spread out among all of the social media outlets and celebrities are wise to take advantage of the largest outlets to connect with their fans. At the moment, that means Facebook and Twitter, but with the rocket launch of Google+, it would also be wise not to ignore this newcomer. Fans love conversing with their favorite celebrities in this type of fun and safe environment. They can ask their favorites questions or find out about shows they’ll be doing. Celebrities can also get a lot out of the sites by seeing what their fan base is interested in and playing to those interests.

Celebrities, regardless if they are the latest craze or a blast from the past, use social media in many ways. Those who have not been in the news lately can use social media to create some interest and get people talking about them again. It is much easier to renew the social buzz today, whereas twenty years ago these celebrities might have just faded away and we would never hear of them again.

Thanks to social media, they can quickly and simply get their face and name back out in the public eye and re-energize their careers for the most part. This allows celebrities to make sure everyone knows they are still around and interested in being in the public eye; this might lead to a director or producer seeing their profile and having one of those “Ah ha!” moments when they realize they’d be perfect for their next project.

Celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to President Obama are using social outlets to reach out and get their message to as many people as they can; and the social media sites love the fact that when a celebrity creates a profile, their many fans will create profiles so that they can follow along on their life path. One example is when Oprah started tweeting, within the first week there was a 43% growth on her profile over the previous week. Those are amazing numbers and they just reinforce the fact that social media is not only a slam dunk, but a very necessary tool for the celebrity.

On Twitter, it is common for a celebrity to pop into the site, say hello, and start a chat with their followers. They often tweet when they are at a restaurant, a night club or even at the hair dresser. This offers their followers a peak into their everyday lives, which they love. I have seen celebrities, such as Kelly Monaco, tweet while she is in the makeup chair on the set of General Hospital. Many celebs also post pictures of various things they are doing, which make their followers feel like they are one of their friends. More celebrities are joining these sites daily, as it is a smart way to engage their fans, and keep them interested.

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