The baby boom in Hollywood feels like it’s taking over the world. From single mom’s, to artificial insemination, to partners exploring adoption and reaching out to surrogates, to Angelina collecting one child from every country, the baby is the new hot accessory in Hollywood and there doesn’t seem to be much discrimination about who gets this baby itch.

But how does this affect the rest of us? Celebrities are icons of sorts and society as a whole reveres them to an unhealthy extent. The whole world watches as they destroy relationships, struggle with drugs (hello Charlie Sheen), fall in love, win awards, have fashion disasters, and even the ever popular run in with the law (thank you Lindsey Lohan). We copy their style, their beauty, we eat where they eat, buy what they buy, and shop where they shop. Celebrities are individual marketing machines and everyone has been guilty of taking part, maybe unconsciously, while others follow their every move like a religion (Scientology anyone?).  

So how is this ever burgeoning baby boom and obsession in Hollywood going to trickle down? Are all single women going to unite and start taking matters into their own hands, trying motherhood minus one. Is surrogacy going to be the new part time job? Are all the orphans overseas going to relocate to America with shiny new families? These things are already occurring, but I predict a major influx.

The concern is celebrities have tremendous help that we don’t see in front of the cameras. They put on a façade to be a one woman show or make 10 kids look easy, but that is not the reality of the situation. They are EXPENSIVE and time consuming and stick around for 18 years… at least. When the novelty wears off and the bank account is drained, what next? This increasing popular “accessory” seems really fun and cute, like little dolls you can dress up and play house with, but once reality does set in for the masses it may be too late.