There’s been a lot of talk of ‘breaking the internet’ lately, since Kim Kardashian’s appearance on the cover of Paper magazine, but Norman Reedus shirtless might just be the photo with the power to do it. Reedus posted the photo to social media Tuesday afternoon, and the shot quickly went viral, with fans melting into puddles of goo at the sight.

Though the Walking Dead fan favorite is well-known for his selfie pics, and his other photos, ranging from his cat to fan art, are frequent (and much-loved by followers), a shot of Norman Reedus shirtless is a lot less common.

Without further ado, here’s the bare-chested shot.

That time I freed my nipple

A photo posted by norman reedus (@bigbaldhead) on

Oh, and here’s a reversed shot, canceling out the mirror effect in case you’d like to read his tattoo (it says ‘Norman,’ if you were wondering.)

In explanation of the photo, Reedus commented:

That time I freed my nipple.

Freed indeed — the Walking Dead cast has spoken before about how filthy they get on set. Check out the layer of dirt Norman had to tunnel through to get to skin! It’s not like Norman minds getting dirty, either — he told E! back in 2013 that he likes to be the grimiest guy on set:

I get very upset if anyone’s dirtier or bloodier than I am. I occasionally try to steal the dirt from [makeup], and take it back to my trailer, and roll around it in.

Reedus says his work dirt has destroyed set after set of sheets, and he’s always having to buy new ones. This is the first time we’ve seen him taking the dirt off so publicly though!

Reedus’ Instagram account has gotten him quite a bit of attention before — like the time he appeared to have tweeted a spoiler photo (he hadn’t). He’s also not the only Walking Dead star to make waves with social media — Emily Kinney, who plays Beth, saw some blowback when she recently posted what she referred to as a ‘bum pic’ in celebration of the night’s new episode.

Still, Daryl Dixon is the undisputed most beloved character on Walking Dead, and if any cast member has the power to break the internet, Norman Reedus shirtless might be the way to do it.