Since Pikachu was a success for Build-A-Bear Workshops earlier this year, they’ve decided to bring more Pokemon to the store. Eevee will be next in what is certainly a move aligned with the wildly successful Pokemon GO game that has taken the world by storm this summer.

Beginning on September 1, 2016, if you live in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, you’ll be able to create your own 14-inch Eevee plush toy for around $28. But expect that price to go up if you want to add any extras, such as clothing.

Build-A-Bear Workshops Announce Eevee Plush Toy; Fans React

Fan reaction was largely positive to the news that Build-a-Bear would begin offering Eevee plush toys on Thursday this week. Still, some Pokemon fans weren’t fans of the move.

Now we’ll wait and see how many Build-a-Bear Workshops become Pokemon GO gyms or how if there will be any Pokemon in the stores for players to find. It will be interesting to see how Build-A-Bear capitalizes on the Pokemon GO craze and uses it to its own advantage to get people into stores and sell them on an Eevee toy.