Bruce Jenner’s womanly transformation is something that the former Olympian has yet to address on a public platform, but will he be opening up about it in the very near future?

He and the Kardashian and Jenner clans have all kept mum on the subject of Bruce Jenner’s womanly transformation, but according to Kim Kardashian, it’s his journey and it’s something that he’s going to open up about.

Kardashian said in her interview with Entertainment Tonight that she is basically letting Bruce Jenner speak for himself in whatever he is going through.

Watch the video:

Rumors of Bruce Jenner’s womanly transformation first made waves on the internet upon the announcement of his divorce filing from his wife Kris Jenner. Rumors circulated that he was dating her best friend and then reports that he was undergoing gender reassignment surgery were underway. Those reports were followed by rumors that Jenner would be taking a more noticeable approach to gender reassignment by getting breast implants.

Celebrity gossip magazine In Touch Weekly made huge waves with their highly criticized Photoshopped version of the former athlete on the front cover of their magazine. The image shown pictured Jenner in drag while using the body of former Dynasty star Stephanie Beacham. Reportedly, Jenner’s friends have said that he doesn’t pay any attention to the static with regard to the magazine’s obviously Photoshopped image, but others have said that his feelings were hurt.

Bruce Jenner’s womanly transformation has been a topic on everyone’s mind for a while now. Some have said that Jenner was seeking out head honchos at some television networks in order to secure his own reality show. The show was reportedly set around his entire gender reassignment surgery, but others have since reported that it would be similar to Keeping Up With The Kardashians without the Kardashian/Kris Jenner elements.

Fans are curious if Jenner will be the new face of the transgendered movement or if everything he has been displaying is just him going through something altogether different.

[Photo Credit: Mike Mozart via Flickr]