Bruce Jenner wants a reality show after filming so many seasons of his family’s show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, according to a new report. Since he has filed his response to Kris Jenner’s divorce petition, the former Olympian is said to have undergone a change in order to become a woman. Reportedly, his next step in the process was to have breast implants so that the transition will be made easier.

Now that he has slacked off with the filming of his family’s reality show, Jenner is reportedly looking to carry his own show with his sons. Since his divorce from the Kardashian matriarch, Jenner has been trying to pursue his own show with the E! network. Reportedly, Jenner is contractually obligated to pitch any ideas for a show to the E! channel first – because they have the first right of refusal.

A source revealed, “By contract, Bruce has to take any new series to E! first. But they are not interested in him. They don’t think Bruce can carry his own show.”

Jenner’s reality show idea centers around himself along with his sons Brandon and Brody. According to reports, Jenner has already hired his own camera crew to follow him around and tape his everyday events as they occur. A source has previously said that any reality show featuring Bruce Jenner would be centered around his transformation into a woman and the impact that it has had on his family members.

A source said to Star magazine, “He wants his own reality show, chronicling his transformation into a woman. He thinks that a sensitive show, where he is honest about the wonderful changes he’s gone through, would be truly groundbreaking – and a huge change from the staged, game, shows he’s had to do with the family in the past.”

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[Photo Credit: Naveka Corothers via Flickr]