Britney Spears is in the greatest shape of her life. The entertainment world has been buzzing about her amazing looks.

The cover for the January/February issue of Women’s Health magazine shows the popular celebrity showing off her fit body.

There are controversies that have risen about the cover as the star looks a bit… different. Is it a ingenious work done by photoshop? Or a masterpiece made through the magic of make-up?

The celebrity’s long time manager, Larry Rudolph tells the magazine’s reader that Britney was in the best shape of her life even before she set foot into the studio for the photo shoot. The star, now 33 years of age, is dedicated more than ever to keep her incredible figure.

She tells the magazine that after she gave birth to her son, Jayden, it was really easy for her to get back into shape. But that was five years ago. She continues that she then started noticing changes starting to happen in her body; more specifically her hips. Because she had kids, she states that they are now a bit wider. This was her determination to keep up with regular exercise. She also says that “Consistency is key.

While there are many celebrities who hire a personal trainer to help with regular fitness regimens, this particular star did not hire a special instructor. She would continue her daily exercise routines as she states they benefit her both physically and mentally. She also added that one cardio workout she enjoys is dancing.

Her diet consisted of raw food (particularly sushi), Nut Thins, and various fruits. She especially enjoys peaches. Furthermore, her favorite indulgence is sweet tea.

Months ago, Britney Spears posted a picture in her Instagram account to show her followers a preview of her amazing abs.