Billy Bob Thornton and Jennifer Aniston have never been friends, but his latest statement may cause a fuss with those looking to stir the pot with regard to the supposed feud between Aniston and Thornton’s ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

Thornton was married to Jolie from 2000 to 2003 and afterward, she moved on with Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt. Aniston has said that their 2006 divorce is not painful, but Aniston and Jolie have been rivals in the eyes of the tabloid media ever since she starred with him in their movie Mr. And Mrs. Smith.

His response to a seemingly simple and innocent question is made all the better because of their intertwining stories. Aniston is engaged to The Leftovers actor Justin Theroux, but it won’t stop Thornton from discussing his life-long goal to sleep with the former Friends star.

Billy Bob Thornton has some common ground with Jennifer Aniston, so naturally, he would want to get his revenge on Angelina Jolie by hooking up with her husband’s shunned ex-wife. During a game of “Who would you rather”, Thornton was asked, “Would you rather Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon?”

Thornton responded with little hesitation, “Jennifer Aniston”. When asked why he chose Aniston, he said, “Life-long goal, that’s all I’m saying.”

Afterward, he was asked, “Would you rather Keira Knightley or Jennifer Aniston?” to which he replied, “Jennifer Aniston. How many times does it take you to get this through your head?”

It’s clear that Thornton definitely has a sadistic side in that he wants some revenge on his ex-wife or that his sense of humor is most assuredly intact. What do you think? Would you like to see Billy Bob Thornton get his wish and have sex with Jennifer Aniston? Do you think he was merely being funny or was he trying to make a point? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

[Photo Credit: Kubacheck via Flickr]