Bill Cosby’s rape allegations have shook the world since women have come out in droves accusing the television father on “The Cosby Show” of drugging and raping them. Cosby has tried to silence reporters from airing footage of him dodging rape questions and now, his old pal and Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner is weighing in on the drama surrounding the legendary comedian and actor.

Judy Huth came forward to claim in a lawsuit against Cosby that he molested her in the Playboy Mansion in 1974. The worst part of her rape allegations was that she was only fifteen-years-old at the time of the alleged rape. Another victim, a Playmate named Victoria Valentino also spoke out against Cosby, claiming that he took advantage of her after her six-year-old son’s untimely passing.

Bill Cosby’s rape allegations have caused re-runs of “The Cosby Show” to be pulled from the air. A lot of women have also come forward to say that Cosby raped them and one he addressed by claiming the woman was trying to extort him.

Hefner said of his friend’s reported illicit behavior: “Bill Cosby has been a good friend for many years and the mere thought of these allegations is truly saddening. I would never tolerate this kind of behavior, regardless of who was involved.”

Cosby and Hefner go way back and the Playboy mogul has shared many pictures of the comedian on his Instagram account for his #ScrapBookSaturday postings:

Good friend Bill Cosby taking a tennis break #1971 #scrapbooksaturday

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With Cosby and a playmate/animal trainer at the #playboymansion #scrapbooksaturday

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An angel on the Bill Cosby Show #1972

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The Bill Cosby Show #scrapbooksaturday

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Not only were Cosby and Hefner really close friends for quite a long time, Hef also counts Roman Polanski as a close pal:

With Roman Polanski on the big bunny world tour #playboy #scrapbooksaturday

A photo posted by Hugh Hefner (@hughhefner) on

Of Bill Cosby’s rape allegations, he has only defended himself to say, “I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn’t have to answer to innuendos. People should fact-check. People shouldn’t have to go through that and they shouldn’t answer to innuendos.”

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