“The Big Bang Theory” aired on CBS this past Thursday at 8pm EST with an all new episode titled “The Misinterpretation Agitation”. In the seventh episode of the show’s eighth season, the producers brought in “Fargo” actor Billy Bob Thornton to play awkward urologist Dr. Oliver Lorvis. Thornton played the role well, first appearing in a scene where he was pursuing Penny because of her flirtatious sales techniques.

Steven Molaro, the show’s executive producer, talked of the star’s guest spot on the hit show. Molaro spoke of how the cameo happened, saying, “A few months ago, we had seen an interview with Billy Bob talking about shows he likes. He was saying how much he likes ‘Big Bang Theory’, and watches it all the time. And we said that’s pretty cool – if he likes the show, maybe he’d do it.”

“The Big Bang Theory” saw the strange doctor fall for Penny, while all of the guys develop a man crush on him. As a urologist to the nerd stars, Raj, Leonard, Howard and Sheldon learn that the doctor has kept certain items belonging to high profile clients as mementos.

Molaro revealed to EW.com, “When we started thinking about Billy Bob, the thought was that he could be the doctor who doesn’t quite understand the signals – that this would be a socially awkward doctor who falls for Penny’s sales flirtations. We went back to Billy and his people with that thought, and they thought it was really fun and cool, so we went from there.”

Thornton did well to keep his short-lived cameo a secret, but they weren’t sure how the live audience kept quiet about it. He said, “It started with Billy and his people saying, ‘Hey, what if we kept this a secret?’ And we thought, ‘That sounds really cool!’ CBS obliged, but we didn’t quite know what to do with the studio audience – it was 200 people who saw it happen. But somehow people kept quiet enough that it was news to many viewers, and we were thrilled that it went down that way.”

The Big Bang Theory’s guest actor had a good time doing his part for the show. Molaro said, “He has said he had a wonderful time. After we finished taping, we had a table read the next morning. Everyone was a little sad that Billy was gone. It was that much fun having him around.”


Bernadette wants to be celebrated by a magazine for being smart and pretty, but Amy sabotages the idea and gets the article removed from the publication. In the meantime, Penny is chased by Dr. Lorvis based entirely on her looks and flirtations (she moves her wedding ring to the other hand while on the sales floor). Dr. Lorvis has some serious geek cred, but has no idea what to do in social situations with women. If Leonard hadn’t found Penny, it’s thought that he could’ve been taken down the same path.

The Big Bang Theory left us with some awkwardness when Amy and Bernadette had their tiff and we are left hoping that Billy Bob Thornton’s awkward doctor character will make his eventual return. What are your thoughts on the episode?

[Photo Credit: Warner Brothers Entertainment via EW]