Is Beyonce pregnant? That is the question that her many hordes of fans are asking after the singer shared a certain photo on her official Instagram account. Beyonce was seen covered in sand on the beach with what appears to be a sand covered baby bump.

On January 7, 2012, Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z became parents to their first child Blue Ivy Carter. Since, Beyonce has been the subject of many pregnancy rumors, but has shot them down.

“Beyonce pregnant” rumors have begun once again since the famous singer shared this photo two hours ago:

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

She didn’t have a caption for the picture of what appears to be herself and her daughter on the beach during a New Year’s vacation.

During her first pregnancy, there was plenty of speculation that Beyonce and Jay-Z used a surrogate for Blue Ivy. During a talk show appearance after her pregnancy announcement, some said that her baby bump “folded” – leaving cause for her many hordes of fans to believe that her pregnancy was a ruse.

TMZ suggests that Beyonce is merely “screwing with people”, but it stands to reason that this is how she would’ve wanted to announce a second pregnancy. The first one was announced at an awards show red carpet and maybe she wanted to be a little more low-key for the second announcement.

If Beyonce is pregnant with her second child with Jay-Z, then we take our hats off to them with our sincere congratulations. She has previously revealed that she suffered a miscarriage prior to having Blue Ivy, so let’s hope that she has an easy pregnancy the second time around – if the pregnancy rumors are true.

Is Beyonce pregnant? She has yet to confirm or deny the pregnancy rumors this time around, but we will keep our ears close to the ground for the official answer.

[Photo Credit: Hot Gossip Italia via Flickr]

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