The men mime it up on their group date with Andi

Andrew, Chris, Cody, Marcus, Dylan, JJ, Marquel, Nick, and Patrick all head out on a group date to meet the Bachelorette Andi Dorfman for her second date in the beautiful Marseille, France. Marquel remarks that being on this group date is going to be a bit of a challenge due to Andrew’s racist comments that have come to light, so there will most likely be a confrontation later. The group date card was blank, so the 9 men truly have no clue about what they’re doing.

Andi says that communication is the most important part of a relationship and that non-verbal is also crucial. That’s when a mime pops out and the men realize their task at hand. I feel like this is the exact opposite of what Andi just said, but let’s go with it. The boys learn to mime and the men soon understand how difficult it truly is. They remark that they’re relieved to be in a dance studio so the world couldn’t see how awful they are, but of course this isn’t all and they’ll be performing for all of Marseille. C’mon, you had to know this was coming guys.

I can’t even believe that I’m saying this, but the men may be better singers than they are at miming, and that’s saying something. They are truly horrid, but gotta’ give them credit for going with these horrible date ideas. The crowd is not too pleased with their pathetic attempts at the infamous art. Andi is though with their attitudes and mentions that Marquel is definitely one of the best. JJ also is the first one to make a point to mime with Andi and she remarks that “I like his attitude” and remembers how fun she’s had with him on their previous date.

One person she is disappointed in is Nick, one of the frontrunners. Nick doesn’t like the group date atmosphere at all and makes it clear he isn’t going to pretend to like he does even for Andi’s benefit. She says she understands that it’s tough once you realize your feelings are strong, but her attitude is that he’s here now he might as well enjoy it. I agree with her, though this idea is ridiculous for any idea of realism, it’s the nature of the show and you just have to suck it up or you shouldn’t be here. But finally Andi puts the poor boys out of their misery and mimes that they will meet later for the cocktail party.

Later Andi is excited to have a fun night with her 9 men and hopes to have conversations with the men she doesn’t get to talk to as much. JJ pulls her away first and they go for a ride on a ferris wheel. I like JJ, he’s a nice guy, but he has literally zero chemistry with Andi and watching her kiss him is truly painful.

Drama ensues right away as the other men discuss about how certain men (wink wink) think they’re better than others. Cody is finally the one who goes ahead and calls out Nick in his actions. They say he has confidence to the point where “it’s frustrating towards others” and that the manner he’s going about his affections with Andi is not likable. The word smug is thrown around a lot and they say that he may be a front runner, but he doesn’t need to rub it in their faces. They basically attack him and though I feel their words are justified, it’s so petty and could have been handled better.

Andi senses the tension in the room, but would rather find out from the boys alone. She pulls Chris aside and practically harasses him to tell her what they were angry about. Chris doesn’t really want to divulge into the drama, but says that Nick occasionally acts like he’s a lot better than the others and he’s brag-y. Things get heated as the discussion between Cody and Nick turn into Cody just screaming in Nick’s face. I feel like it’s ridiculously uncalled for and insane. Andi guilts Chris saying that her husband “should be able to tell her everything” and the poor boy doesn’t even know what to do. Andi comes to the conclusion that she just needs to confront the problem head on.

Cody tells Andi during their alone time that Nick was making fun of him for being ‘thankful’. I feel like this is definitely a Kalon situation where Nick probably just said things without thinking them through, yet the men take it completely the wrong way. So Andi feels worried when she goes into her time with Nick. She mentions a lot that he was ‘salty’ during the group date and that she just wanted to make him have fun. She says that their “mental and emotional connection is off the charts”, but is a bit put off by the negative remarks made by some of the ‘nicest men in the house’.

She attempts to get Nick to divulge his side guilting him as well saying, “if I was your wife, would you tell me?” Nick falls for it and admits that he was mocking Cody, but that it was out of jest and he had apologized. Andi is unsure if Nick is downplaying the situation and wonders if he’s being manipulative with her feelings. I truly feel like Nick was just misunderstood and Cody was making way too big a deal out of it, but we’ll see what happens. Nick tries to deflect the tension by reading Andi a sappy letter/poem. He prefaces that he’s not the secret admirer (though he’s still my guess). I feel like he tries way too hard with these romantic things when all he needs to do is be himself and Andi would fall for it. She practically begs him to kiss her, but is still worried that she may be oblivious to the real Nick.

Marcus and Andi have their alone time and the lovey dovey conversations continue when Marcus says “you’re worth going to the end of the world for” which is utterly ridiculous. These boys have definitely drunk the crazy Kool-aid as he mentions again that he’s falling in love with her. I feel like this is way too early, but Andi doesn’t seem to think so as she eats up every word.

The confrontation begins as Marquel cooly asks Andrew if what he had heard was legitimate. Andrew chooses to laugh and immediately becomes defensive saying he’d never say anything of the sort. Marquel finds it hard to respect him though and Andrew goes on a rant about how he treats everyone with equal respect and that this confrontation is out of nowhere. Marquel doesn’t jump to conclusions or get heated, he handles it very well and simply says he will not tolerate any racist comments and walks away from the situation. I have the utmost respect for this man. I honestly don’t really care if Andrew said it or not, the damage is done and it’s hard to believe him knowing that he’s not the nicest of people to begin with. But I like that Marquel just made his point and didn’t take it any further than it needed to go.

Andrew is left dumfounded as he goes into his one on one time with Andi. He mentions that he’s been ‘attacked’ a few times and says that it makes him question this experience. He continues to say he’s not here for this drama and that it may be affecting his relationship with Andi, but I doubt that he’s even made much of an effort to even form a connection with her. Andi remarks that this date has been “a disaster” and wonders if she should even give out a rose on the date. But she does giving it to JJ. She says that he made her feel special and that being on a group date was just a date. I feel like they have zero chemistry, but apparently not to her.

Nick is far from pleased with this discovery and is not even a little bit happy for him wondering what he did wrong. Drama, drama, drama, these boys are more acting more petty than the girls on the Bachelor, but it definitely makes it funny for our viewing pleasure.

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