Apparently Andi is falling for these men

That week break has been far too long in my opinion, but we’re back with the Bachelorette updates! The gang is off to Marseille, France to continue Andi Dorfman’s search for love.! The 11 men left are beyond excited to see their new digs and as Marquel adorably states, they soon hope to see if “love is in the air”. The date card is in French so no one quite knows what it says, but it’s for Josh. Time to see what everyone is so excited about with him so hopefully I can understand.

Chris Harrison has a cute sit down with Bachelorette Andi to see how she’s doing. We are now aware she doesn’t know much French, but what Chris really wants to know is if she’s falling in love. Andi hints that she has in fact fallen and it’s very possibly may be for more than one man. We just wonder who they may be.

Josh and Andi walk around France and Josh keeps referring their relationship to football…ok. He says that if the ending is the Super Bowl, then this date was a “playoff game”, could you be more of a jock? They also keep butchering the French language, but I’d expect nothing less. Andi plays it off saying, “we’re just two kids from Atlanta,” not an excuse, dear.

They go on a boat ride and Andi says that “our physical chemistry is insane”, however Josh is the typical kind of boy that she constantly falls for and it hasn’t worked out in the past. If that isn’t a sign, I don’t even know what is, but she seems to think that pursuing this further is worth it. They talk about Josh’s athletic ability, but mainly just kiss. It’s further proof that all they seem to have is a physical connection, but that may just be the stunning aphrodisiac that is France.

Later they sit on a bench overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and have a conversation about the future. Andi is trying very hard to get a read on Josh, but she’s afraid that Josh is too much like the Bachelor Juan Pablo due to the raw chemistry and nothing else. Her worries that their relationship is solely physical, which is completely legitimate fear and a scary thought.

Meanwhile JJ, Marquel, and some of the other boys discuss Andrew. JJ remarks that the first night Andrew had apparently said, “oh she gave a rose to the two blackies” after Ron and Marquel were given roses. JJ may have misheard since it has not been confirmed yet, but Marquel is definitely steamed up and not too pleased. This is not going to bode well for a future confrontation, but we all knew Andrew was going to have to reap what he sewed eventually. Marquel goes on a rant over his side interview saying he wished people just judged him for the person he was and not the color of his skin. My heart truly goes out to him and I hope that the insensitive comment, no matter what was intended, does not kill the spirit of this fantastic person.

Josh and Andi arrive at the Palais Longchamp to finish off their date. It is a gorgeous building with incredible statues and towering pillars. Definitely a romantic atmosphere filled with excitement, but Andi is very nervous and is still waiting to have an emotional connection with Josh. She hopes that they’ll be able to have a deep conversation tonight to reassure her. Josh says he likes to be grilled by Andi, odd, and she mentions she’s so hard on him because he is her type. She reveals that she’s been cheated on before by someone like Josh and that she’s chalked it up to the fact that it was “the athlete lifestyle”. Though I understand where she’s coming from, I don’t believe that being a douche bag is always connected to an athlete, it’s the person inside and I find it hard to believe anything that Josh says, but it seems to be working on Andi well enough.

Is that a line, or what?

Josh mentions it’s been a long time since he’s really been with anyone. He says that he was never raised to be a cheater, but while he was playing baseball his ex girlfriend believed rumors that he had in fact been cheating on her, so to get back on him she cheated. Seems a bit hypocritical, but whatever. Josh felt like he did love her, but hasn’t been ready to say I love you again to someone unless it was someone he wants to marry. Aw, how cute…(literally, Andi ‘aws’…gag me). They kiss to Josh’s good feelings about them and Andi feels like now she can breathe easy about their connection. Naturally Josh gets the rose and Andi confesses that he has lowered her guard and her questions have been answered. Mine haven’t, but I doubt it’s what matters.

Andi leads them to a private concert (she’s truly overdoing this private concert thing) but Ben Fields is there playing a cute song just for them. Josh is in disbelief, but they continue to dance away into the night, kissing and swaying to the cute indie music. Josh says he “can’t stop smiling” and that she makes him so happy, this date seems to have ended very well for both parties.

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