Basketball group date winning team

11 guys go on the group date (Chris, Brian, Nick, Tasos, Marquel, Andrew, Pat, Josh, Eric, JJ, & Cody) in which Andi Dorfman brings them to a basketball court. It starts out just shooting hoops while the men admire how easygoing she is and her sporty nature as she sports high-heeled sneakers. It’s all fun and games until Andi brings out some players from the WNBA. The boys face off against these professional basketball players and the women “school the boys” in Andi’s words.

As Andi watches this pathetic showdown, she realizes this is not a great group date. So she throws a curveball at the men by splitting them into two teams, red (Brian, Nick, Marquel, Andrew, Eric, and Cody) and the white (Josh, Chris, Tasos, JJ, and Pat) saying that the winning team will get extra time with her, but the losing team has to leave early.

Brian, being a former basketball player and current coach, was obviously the best player and despite the close game for a while of 6 – 6, he leads his team to victory. The white team is devastated that they don’t get alone time with Andi and are licking their wounds in jealousy while the red team celebrates to an obnoxious level.

Later Andi is pleased to have some alone time with the red team or the Rosebud team. She pulls Eric aside first saying that their progress has stalled and she want to figure out what’s going on. Eric says that all of their interactions are awkward and formal, “this isn’t really me” and he agrees that they aren’t moving forward at all. Andi says she doesn’t know anything about him and he talks about his family and how important they are for him. Cue all fans crying over how adorable he is and how ABC is not subtle at all about showing what a good guy Eric is.

Andi feels she’s back on track with him and moves on to Brian who takes her back to the court. They have the entire place to themselves (minus the camera crew of course) and he teaches her how to shoot hoops. He says that he’s smitten and how badly he wants to kiss her. He makes a half court shot and Andi is extremely impressed as well as hot and bothered. Brian doesn’t kiss her though because he’s bad at reading signs. Poor guy that was definitely the moment.

Nick has also fallen victim to the jealousy bug confessing that he’s not a fan of group dates and doesn’t like seeing her around other guys. That’s what happens when you fall for someone right away. But he expresses his feelings and Andi rewards him with lots of kisses. Brian get the rose though, for being the MVP off and on the court, to his glee. He says it’s better than getting a championship which I assume is pretty great! I’m a big fan of him and am glad he was able to show off for her.

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