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The Bachelorette Update, Week 6 – Nick Viall One-on-One, Venice Italy, Masks Removed

Andi and Nick’s date in Venice, Italy

We’re back with Andi Dorfman’s journey to find love on the Bachelorette as she and the remaining eight men are go to Venice, Italy. She’s definitely taking full advantage of the travel perks that come with this show, though it is hard to blame her if you have the opportunity to go to such beautiful places. Andi surprises the men by having no date card to announce the one-on-one, instead she just tells the boys as a group and decides to take Nick on his second one-on-one.

The men are very surprised since Cody has not gone on any one-on-ones, but clearly she has a reason after last week’s fiasco of thinking he’s manipulating her so she may just want to figure out what’s going on. This obviously kills Cody even more despite the one-on-one thing, it’s hard to forget him screaming in Nick’s face last episode so he’s not pleased. Andi says that her reasonings are this is her journey for love and she needs to do what she needs to do, despite how the men feel about it. I think it’s the right thing to do since her love life is the purpose of this program. The men just need to suck it up and get over it.

Andi and Nick walk around Venice commenting about how stunning and, you guessed it, romantic this place is. They take pictures, eat delicious food, and go into cute shops just acting like a ‘normal’ couple, you know, with camreas following them. Though they’re having fun Nick is concerned about how he was so ‘salty’ about last week’s group date and hopes that he’ll be able to make up for it. They go on a gondola ride discussing last week and Nick just basically apologizes and promises that he’s “going to be better”. This immediately puts Andi at ease and as usual I question why she isn’t more skeptical, but I suppose dwelling on the past isn’t going to help much.

They go under the Bridge of Sighs and Andi says if they kiss underneath it they’re going to have eternal love. That’s exactly what they do and Nick comments about how it’s so easy to get swept up in how amazing this place is and his feelings for Andi. Andi is more at ease, but her narration says that she still has questions for Nick and tonight will be “sink or swim” for him. Meaning what? I guess we’ll find out, but her thoughts don’t seem to match how she’s acting so I’m interested to see if this will actually be a confrontation or if it will be as it always is where Andi asks one question, gets a kiss, and then doesn’t care about her original problem anymore.


Andi shows up later that night in a stunning dress in a gondola to meet Nick for their dinner and to finish off their date. Nick hopes that he’ll be able to open up tonight and express more of his feelings for Andi, so we’ll see how that goes. Andi goes right for the jugular saying she doesn’t know what to think of Nick and is worried that others don’t like him. She literally says it’s a turn on “to be with a guy who other people like”. Awkward. However guys who are competing for someone’s affection that may not like each other is sort of inevitable, but you’d think Andi being a former contestant would get that.

Nick handles himself a little too well saying he likes their connection and finds it’s unlikely that anyone else may have that relationship. He mentions he went to bed with a broken heart last week thinking she didn’t like him. He also says that he loves that Andi challenges him and comes right out to say he’s falling in love with her. He does take responsibility for what he does, sort of, saying she’s right and he’s wrong. Andi feels that she needed this date to reaffirm the feelings she felt in the past and feels this has been accomplished and her skepticism is gone. Nick gets the rose and all is better again as I expected.

Andi pulls out beautiful masks (that Venice is famous for) and they dance in their masquerade hall together to a private little orchestra. Nick makes a cheesy point saying he feels like he’s “taken the mask off” because he was “masking his feelings for Andi”, nice line buddy.

But Andi takes off his literal mask for him and says that it feels so right to hear Nick say how he feels. It’s an amazing ending to a good date and Andi alludes that if she may possibly be falling in love with Nick as well.

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