“Sky’s the limit” according to Andi Dorfman’s second one-on-one date with Marcus. They’re going to propel down a 30-story-high building so the Bachelorette can face her fear of heights. Andi starts to second guess herself as she looks over the building and realizes how ridiculous this date is. They do the height test all the time on this program and it’s definitely a trust building exercise, to say the least. Marcus swallows his fear to be the strong one as he talks Andi through the process. Andi feels better for a moment to pull Marcus in for a kiss, which would scare me more than just climbing down, but all right.

Marcus and Andi at concert after date

Turns out they’re not only propelling down a building, but it’s the hotel the rest of the men are residing in so they can literally watch this date as it happens. They decide to bang on the windows and be as obnoxious as possible. Probably not the best idea to have this date at the hotel, but it was interesting to watch. Andi is so proud to have conquered her fear and says she has “yet to find a flaw in Marcus” and that he is “a great guy” so it looks like this date is heading down the right road to romance.

Later on the dinner portion, Marcus confesses that she’s the first girl he can really open up to. He covers up the rose with a napkin saying it’s the “elephant in the room” and he doesn’t want to think about it. Andi thinks it’s cute that he’s nervous, but shows he doesn’t have to be for long by giving him the rose for helping her so much throughout the stressful day.

Andi has a ‘treat’ for him as well which turns into a concert with Jon Pardi. They dance away on a raised platform surrounded by people, but Andi says it feels like “it’s just me and him in a room alone together” and it’s adorable. Their connection is definitely strong and Marcus has cemented his place alongside Nick as a top contender for Andi’s heart.


The next day, Andi gets a sappy love letter from a ‘secret admirer’. She has no idea who it is from, but she’s very excited. My guess is Nick due to his past of getting Andi flowers and going beyond a necessary level for this show, but we’ll see! Maybe it’s someone we’d never expect!

At the cocktail party Tasos steps up and pulls her away first. Just as their time seems to lead to Tasos opening up, Brian steals her away. I always really hate it when men with a rose steal the Bachelorette away from men without, but he did it for a kiss which was sort of adorable and Andi loves it saying “he’s a really good kisser”.

Eric realizes that if their relationship continues at this pace it’s going nowhere and he’s pulls her aside to have a serious conversation. He doesn’t understand what Andi wants from him and believes that he’s being himself, but she isn’t. He thinks there are “two different sides of Andi” and that when they have one-on-one time she should be able to open up, but instead has a “poker face”. Andi basically breaks down saying he has no idea what she’s going through and how offensive his comment is.

Andi says that “this is just not going to work” and she sends him home. This leads her to yell at the rest of the men saying this is not a joke and if anyone thinks that they can walk out the door right now. Even though this is a reality program she believes “this is so real” and has broken down again after not that long of a time. Eric says he never intended to make her cry because he was just trying to get to know her more, but the miscommunication is done.


ABC pays tribute to Eric Hill after shocking exit

Surprisingly the next thing is not the Rose Ceremony, it’s Chris Harrison and Andi talking about Eric’s tragic death. He says “we should talk about Eric” and that showing the rose ceremony after that wouldn’t be right. I honestly don’t feel like this is making the situation any less awkward. It’s sweet that they’re doing this for him, but after that showdown I’m not sure it’s the most appropriate route.

Andi mentions she won’t be able to apologize which is “a bitter pill to swallow” and it feels like they lost a member of their family. She cries over the tragedy and the whole ordeal is just sad and a bit dragged out. Chris Harrison mentions that Andi sent home Tasos that night as well, who I really liked and I’m not a fan that we don’t get to see his thoughts or exit, but I do understand that ABC is just doing their best to handle this delicate situation.

Fans differ on their reactions to this twist, but are mainly just sad that something so awful happened to a good guy.

Condolences to his family and friends, what a sad note to end on.

The Bachelorette will continue in two weeks (hence having two episodes back to back) and it looks like they’ll be traveling to a new location with lots of mimes, more drama, and fighting. Can’t wait!

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