Essex Steam Train

The Bachelorette special two night event, even though it more like having two weeks back to back (we see what you did there ABC), continues tonight! Andi Dorfman has brought the men to Connecticut to continue her journey to find love. Not sure why there is a need to constantly travel in these newer seasons, I feel like it makes the final 6 trip less exciting, but Andi refers to it as her “journey across the world” and it does give more options for activities with her suitors.

Dylan is pretty much psychic as he says that Connecticut is practically his backyard (since he’s from Boston, Ma) and he believes this would be the best time if any for him to get a date. He’s correct as Andi takes him to the Essex steam train for his first one-on-one date. The train looks like the Hogwarts Express complete with adorable old conductor, and Andi hopes that her relationship with Dylan will be able to “pick up a little steam”. Dylan is determined to open up about his hard past of his brother’s death, but is unsure how to broach the topic. He ends up not so casually slipping in that he broke up with long-term girlfriend around the time of his brother’s funeral which just cues the sad music and has halted the conversation. Maybe not the best tactic, but it is hard to discuss such hard topics on a first date.

Later in the dinner portion, Andi says that she wants “to know the real Dylan sooner rather than later.” I can feel Dylan’s nerves seeping out of his pores and it would benefit everyone for him just to speak his mind. He finally does and ends up crying in front of her. We find out he apparantly lost not only his brother, but his sister earlier to that. The poor guy has obviously been through a lot and he does say he doesn’t want Andi to keep him around out of pity, but he wants her to understand how rough it is being so close to home and why he is the man he is today.

Andi holds it together relatively well for Dylan, but sobs during her confessional saying she can’t even imagine how he’s dealing with it. She also feels guilty for bringing up these memories. But as the real date commences Dylan has already relaxed and Andi stresses how happy she is that he’s opened up and reassures him that he will receive this date rose not out of pity, but courage.

It’s hard to tell how long their relationship will last since this entire date was spent on breaking down Dylan’s wall as opposed to connecting, but it’s definitely a good start. He’s seems like a sweetie and I hope he builds more confidence from this to work forward for a better relationship with our Bachelorette.

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