It’s a rare occurrence that my husband and I actually have the time to sit down and watch TV, but a favorite whenever we find the time has always been “Two and a Half Men.” As Ashton Kutcher takes over for the ever-controversial Charlie Sheen, I thought I’d check out what social has to say about the changes that have Twitter, Facebook and Hollywood buzzing.

As you can see in this first chart which shows the buzz broken out by sentiment for Kutcher in the week immediately following the announcement of his decision to join the show, his net sentiment was predominantly positive – people were thrilled to see him bringing his comedic chops, cute face and youth to the light, funny show.

Check out some verbatim:

I think Ashton Kutcher is an excellent choice!!

Ashton Kutcher is a lot nicer to look at than Charlie Sheen…

Ashton Kutcher will be such an improvement over the drugged-out, conceited has-been Charlie

Ashton Kutcher will be GREAT!  

As is typical for August, the networks are starting to preview the new season of shows. Two new scandalous promos (here and here) promise that all will be revealed. I re-ran the net sentiment to see if Kutcher was still golden. And, turns out, based on the next chart, it looks like the comedic champion is on a rapid decline. Look at that steep dip in net sentiment!  It appears that once the promotions started and people actually saw Ashton plugged into the opening skit, they feel he just does not “fit in.”

The social media community definitely didn’t hold back in their comments:

Ashton Kutcher just does not fit with those fellas

I refuse to  watch anything with Ashton Kutcher in it

Ashton Kutcher ain’t gonna do as good a job as Charlie Sheen!/mrflygerian/statuses/98639315571195904

So what do you think about Kutcher? Brilliant switch or total flop? Drop me a line!