The long-awaited premiere of Arrested Development’s fourth season graced our senses this Sunday, more than six years after the show was cancelled because of dwindling ratings. Fans of the show have rabidly declared their love of the show in the form of memes, gifs, and random quotes -across every social network conceivable. This spur of online support inspired the creator of the series, Mitchell Hurwitz, to create another season of our favorite dysfunctional family; exclusively for Netflix. This Quote a Bluth interactive created by Column Five – whose headquarters are in Newport Beach, California, home of the Bluth family and their world-famous banana stand – takes a look back across the first three seasons of Arrested Development, and some of the funniest moments provided by each character. 

The Bluths are one of the most quotable families in the history of television, and have given the world amazing gags and inside jokes like: the meaning of “never nude,” Buster’s missing hand, and the super awkward relationship between George Michael and his cousin Maeby. Column Five wanted to create something that would give people easy access to some of their favorite quotes. And because they’re data nerds, they wanted to know exactly when in the series those epic scenes occured. So take a look at the site to find some favorite quotes, paired with screen stills and data.

Now that people have had a chance to watch the series since sunday, the verdicts on how the show was made are starting to come flying in (with many of them being less than fantastic). Here’s a great rundown of the new season – caution Spoiler Alert! for those who haven’t watched the show yet.

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