Arnold Schwarzenegger recently hinted at a sequel to his 1987 science fiction thriller, The Running Man, which would join a long line of sequels the actor is rumored to be involved with.

In a recent interview, Schwarzenegger addressed several upcoming sequels to some of his more iconic films, bringing up a possible Running Man sequel in the process:

“It’s an honor to be asked back after all these years, back to the franchise. This is really wild… They’re doing a Twins sequel, to be called ‘Triplets’ I’ve read the first draft. There’s rumblings of a new ‘Running Man’ movie, so it’s a great honor to be asked back… [Getting in shape for these sequels] comes back to bodybuilding, I’m used to doing cardiovascular training every day. Therefore I’m still in good shape, and I can do the action and have the energy to do these movies.”

Along with the Running Man mention and the Twins follow up he mentioned, Schwarzenegger is also tapped to revisit his role as Conan in The Legend of Conan. On top of these upcoming works, he is said to reprise his role in the latest entry into the Terminator franchise, called Terminator: Genysis.

The Running Man was one of Schwarzenegger’s lesser 80s films. Based on a novel by Stephen King, the 1987 film told the story of a dystopian future where criminals are forced to fight to the death against bizarre assassins with elaborate weaponry. Schwarzenegger’s character was, of course, wrongfully accused of his crime. Against a budget of $27 million, the film brought in just north of $38 million at the box office. It has, however, developed a cult following in recent years.

Of all the sequels Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed, The Running Man sequel appears to be the farthest out on the list. There has been no confirmation of the project at this point.

[photo credit: Thomas Hawk]