Anna Kendrick’s new Kate Spade ad is causing a lot of buzz on social media. Clearly, getting locked out of your home is one of those incidences that make you hit yourself over the head Homer Simpson style. When Anna Kendrick locks herself out, though, it’s just plain adorable.

Anna Kendrick’s 2014 holiday ad campaign for Kate Spade is titled The Waiting Game. In the segment, the actress returns from a shopping spree toting multiple shopping bags and an adorable canine companion. As she reaches her apartment doorstep, she realizes that she does not have her keys with her and phones a locksmith. In the meantime, she attempts to kill time by engaging in all sorts activities. This includes making small talk with her pup, making calls to multiple friends, taking selfies, and even corking open a bottle of champagne and taking a sip through a straw.

Kendrick also tries on the apparel in her shopping bag (all of which of course are Kate Spade garments), donning multiple outfits in different combinations and asking for her dog’s opinion. Eventually, a light bulb goes off in her head, and she uses the clothing and a stiletto heel to create a makeshift grappling hook to pull down a balcony ladder, thus finally allowing her to reach her apartment from the second floor.

Anna Kendrick played the role to a near perfection in the Kate Spade ad campaign. Of course, the 29-year-old actress is no stranger to Hollywood. She made a name for herself following her role as Jessica Stanley in the Twilight movies. She has also starred opposite of Jake Gyllenhaal in the police action flick End of Watch. She will be playing the lead role as Cinderella in in the musical film Into the Woods, slated for release on Christmas day, 2014.

[photo credit: Mingle MediaTV]

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