The twelfth season of ‘American Idol’ is in full swing. It is getting more competitive between all of the contestants and people are already starting to make predictions. As of right now, Angie Miller looks to be the favorite out of all of them. Many people are predicting the top ten for this season, and although the singers vary in which order they fall on the list, nearly everyone has Angie Miller in the number one spot.

There are a lot of reasons why she is being predicted to be the winner at this point in the show. She has had great performances all season and she nails every song. She doesn’t try to pick songs that have a message, instead she picks original songs that go well with her voice and ones that she can perform to. The judges also love her and have nothing but good things to say about her.

Social Media also has set her ahead so far. She has a presence all over the internet and she also mentioned having a YouTube channel. She said that she had created the channel before she had decided to try out for ‘American Idol’ and she mentioned it during the show. Since she is such a good singer, everyone loves her, and she is the favorite this season, the channel has gotten a lot of traffic.

On her YouTube channel, she has a section about herself that says, “Hey guys, I’m Angie! I’m 19 and LOVE to sing! I hope you enjoy the videos! Thanks for visiting my channel! Love God. Love Music. Love Others. Dream Big,” and then at the end she added, “Oh, and be watching this season of American Idol,” either when she went to audition, or after she got onto the show. There are a lot of videos of her singing a variety of songs from a variety of artists.

One of her most viewed performances is her cover of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together.”

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