Amanda Bynes has seemingly been off of the rails ever since her parents’ conservatorship ended. It was at that time that she quit taking her medications for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and hopped on an airplane headed straight for New York City. It was widely reported that the actress was kicked out of fashion school in California after she reportedly tried bribing another student to do the work for her. In addition, it was claimed that Bynes was also smoking copious amounts of marijuana and had allegedly came to school high on a regular basis.

Amanda Bynes allegedly shoplifted at Barney’s in New York City – taking a hat that she hadn’t paid for. It was her claim at the time that she was merely using the hat as a disguise in order to flee some fans of whom were chasing her. Bynes had put the $200 hat on her head while making her way out of the store, and thus the police were notified.

Prior to the arrival of the police, security officers at the shopping establishment nabbed Amanda at the door. When security officers brought Amanda back inside of the building, witnesses claim that she was “acting crazy”. At that time, Bynes claimed that it wasn’t her intent to steal anything and that she was just trying to get away from people chasing her. When the police arrived, they learned that the store had already released Bynes — but not before having her sign something barring her from the store completely.

As recent as Friday, Amanda Bynes was said to be looking disheveled and was talking to herself. She also allegedly got engaged to a 19-year-old man of whom she barely knows. With regard to how she feels about the tabloids, she has taken to her Twitter account to say: “Don’t believe anything the tabloids are saying about me. They dislike me for some odd reason & they continue to insult me everyday.”

Photo Credit: [EyesOnFire89 via photopin cc]