According to a tweet by Amanda Bynes, the actress believes she’s Britney Spears. The simple tweet has generated a lot of social buzz with speculations about what the 28-year-old troubled actress means by the statement.

It wasn’t that long ago that Bynes caused a stir when she sent a cryptic tweet about wanting to harm her parents. She also accused her father of sexually molesting her. Both her mother and father, however, have been assigned as her conservator.

The Nickelodeon alum has also been assigned Sam Lufti as her crisis manager. Lufti also worked with Spears during her own mental meltdown just a few years back.

So what does Amanda Bynes mean with her “I’m Britney Spears” tweet? Only Bynes knows what Bynes is really implying, though here are some of the guesses that came up on social media:

• Bynes may be saying that she is in the spot that Britney once was. The latter struggled with her own meltdown which culminated in a 2007 incident with the actress shaving her head.
• Bynes is comparing her early career to Britney’s. Bynes, after all, was a star for Nickelodeon, while Spears was a young Disney starlet before becoming a world-famous pop princess.
• Spears recently appeared on the cover of Women’s Health Magazine flaunting her washboard abs. Bynes appears to be in fairly good shape herself, so perhaps she is making a body comparison.

Whatever is going on in Byne’s head, hopefully, she can use Spear’s own turnaround and comeback as inspiration.

Byne’s downward spiral began in early 2012 with a traffic ticket for driving while using a mobile phone. This was followed by a DUI, two hit-and-runs, driving on a suspended license, marijuana possession, and reckless endangerment for throwing a bong outside a 36th story window. In July 2013, she got in legal trouble once again for starting a fire in the driveway of a stranger’s home.

While it looks like the troubled actress is creating less disturbance as of late, the “I’m Britney Spears” tweet seems to indicate that Amanda Bynes still has some work to do on herself before she makes the same type of recovery as the singer she is comparing herself to.

[photo credit: EyesOnFire89]