Is Amal Clooney pregnant by her husband George Clooney? This isn’t the first time that Amal has been the subject of pregnancy rumors and she may not be able to explain these away so quickly. If you’ll recall, reports of a pregnancy began circulating the moment that the world became aware of George and Amal’s engagement to one another.

George and Amal became engaged on April 28, 2014 and rumors of a pregnancy surged when she was photographed on a boat, wearing a flowing, loose fitting dress. Since, her figure has remained slim, thus giving cause to leave the pregnancy rumors alone.

“Amal Clooney pregnant” rumors are going to be kicked into high gear now that she is seen in the above photo wearing a a white coat and a black dress that shows off a bit of a baby bump. She is a rather thin woman to start with, so this picture is sure to ignite further speculation that George only tied the knot with her because he was going to be a father.

In the past, George has made it clear that he didn’t want to get married again. He has also said in many, many interviews that he didn’t want to be anyone’s father. Now that he has married Amal, reports have made their way across the internet suggesting that she has changed his mind on marriage and that babies were soon to follow.

Amal Clooney looks pregnant and we are sure to see the news everywhere – until either of them confirm or deny the reports of an impending pregnancy. There have also been rumors that George would be seeking some sort of political office here in the States and that he needed to have a family life in order to accomplish his goals. Is George Clooney going to seek political office when Amal Clooney gives birth? Stay tuned for all of those answers and more as these rumors either get answered or swept under the rug.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]

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