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It’s been over a year since Game of Thrones graced our collective TV screens, and I’m not sure about you — but we’re getting antsy. Unfortunately, the wait will persist for a few more days.

We’re celebrating by bringing you seven apps — one for each kingdom and season. Since we all have a few days to get ready, that’s plenty of time to download these must-have apps for compulsive TV viewing.

Read on for the complete listicle. Beware: there is one tiny spoiler.


hbo app

Price: Free
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First things first: you can’t watch the show without HBO. The GO app offers access to weekly episodes of Game of Thrones and other network hits like Westworld and Big Little Lies. On top of that, it includes news, documentaries, and other video content.

If you have an HBO subscription, this app helps you stay up-to-date on everybody’s favorite show, ensuring you’re not shocked about the latest character death — who died?! — come Monday morning at the watercooler.

2. Caviar

caviar app

Price: Free
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Who has time for dinner when there’s Game of Thrones to watch? If you skip a day of cooking and reach for takeout instead, we won’t blame you. With Caviar, you’ll save walking time by getting your favorite restaurants to bring dinner to you. The app boasts delivery times as fast as 15 minutes, so you don’t even have to plan ahead.

3. BuzzFeed

buzzfeed app

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BuzzFeed might function as a general purpose entertainment platform, but it features plenty of Game of Thrones content too. With news, quizzes, and listicles, there are enough time-killing articles to go around. Geek out on Game of Thrones trivia and get hyped for the upcoming episode with BuzzFeed’s unfaltering stream of media.

4. Reddit

reddit app

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Once you’ve given the latest episode a few hours to digest, hit up Reddit for discussion and theorycrafting. Reddit is home to several TV communities, from the general purpose r/television to the more dedicated r/GameOfThrones. The app lets you chat right from your phone, so you won’t have to leave the couch to post your opinions or theories on where that cliffhanger is heading.

5. Etsy

etsy app

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Etsy is popular as a marketplace for all sorts of independent apparel, but it’s especially useful as a store for TV-inspired merch. A quick search reveals user-made Game of Thrones items like coasters, cups, and laptop decals. That’s not even including the expected array of clothing and jewelry. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, Etsy is a thorough source of indie Game of Thrones goods.

Our favorite picks to accompany show time: this larger-than-life seven kingdoms map to adorn the wall behind your TV, a Hodor door stop (😭 😭 😭), and a badass chalice inspired by Tyrion to hold your mead.

6. Headspace

headspace app

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We may not know who, but someone’s dying this season. And knowing George R.R. Martin, it’s probably your favorite character.

If the show is a bit too much to cope with, take a breather with Headspace, one of the leading meditation apps. It offers meditation routines optimized for specific tasks, like stress reduction, athletics, and more. The app tracks your historical progress through each course, so you’ll know when you slip up and miss a day. Game of Thrones can be taxing on your mental health, so don’t forget to take a break.

7. Audible

audible app

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Trying to catch up on the Song of Ice and Fire novels but can’t squeeze it into your schedule? Audiobooks might help. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or running on the treadmill, audiobooks are a hands-off way to get your reading in. Fortunately, Audible has the whole Song of Ice and Fire series available for purchase. The full series offers hundreds of hours of entertainment — and with all the cliffhangers, you’ll be seeking out traffic jams before long.