If you are looking for something fun to collect; there are many different options out there. In fact, almost anything can be collected. However, there are some things that are more popular to collect than others.

1.   Coins

Image via Flickr by visual.dichotomy

One of the biggest reasons that gold coins have become so popular to collect is because they can be valuable. Of course, there is the value of the gold itself, but some of these have historical significance as well. When you find old coins, consider keeping them, rather than throwing them out. They may be worth something.

2.   Stamp

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You can find stamps from all around the world. The pictures on these stamps are a great way to show the history and culture of these areas. On top of stamps from around the globe, there are also stamps from across time. Historical stamps show us a glimpse of the past. From famous people to artwork from great painters, and more, stamps are a fun, easy collectible that many enjoy gathering.

3.   Playing Cards

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Have you noticed that almost anywhere you go, you can find playing cards with unique designs or interesting styles? That is because many people collect these cards from around the world. Gas stations and road stops in many states have decks of cards with the state logo or a picture of the state on the back of each card. In Las Vegas, you can find different card decks at each hotel.

4.   Action Figures 

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Every time a new comic book movie comes out, there are great new action figures that go along with it. Cartoons and television shows also have action figures. They’re a great representation of a favorite pastime that kids and adults both enjoy collecting. Some of these action figures, if kept in great condition, are also worth a lot of money.

5.   Wine

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Wine is for more than just drinking. Many discerning wine drinkers also collect the drink. They search out rare vintages and keep them in their cellar. Though at some point, the wine may get drank, generally when collecting the bottles it is for the same reason people collect other items; you just simply want to own it.

6.   Comic Books

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For some collectors, it doesn’t matter if the comic books are Marvel, DC, or any other publisher. However, other collectors are very strict about which publishers, or even which series they choose to collect. This comes down to personal preference. Comic books can be worth practically nothing, if they are one of the many mass-produced, well-established pieces. If however, you have a book that is a rare item, and it is in good condition, it is likely worth a lot of money.

What are you collecting?

When deciding on a new collection, it’s important to find something you are interested in. It’s also a good idea to collect something that’s not too difficult to find, or you might get discouraged.