As the summer ends, tv networks pick and choose the shows they think will be successful in the coming months while we sit on our couches all winter. Many do not make it past the first month but they try nonetheless. Many stars have made it big after a few failed tv pilots, so check them out while you can and get the big scoop!

Awake – Brought to NBC by 24’s Howard Gordon, this show tells the tale of a police detective and what unfolds after he is in a car accident. When he wakes up from the crash he finds himself in two realities; one where his son lives after the accident and one where his wife lives. The show stars Jason Isaacs, who plays Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series. (NBC)

Charlie’s Angels – That’s right, they’re back. Drew Barrymore has kicked her producing skills into high gear again to reincarnate the trio she was at one time part of. The new angels will be played by super-hot Rachael Taylor, Minka Kelly, and Annie Illonzeh. Ramon Rodriguez brings a new spin to the famous Bosely character – he is young and handsome. (Thursdays at 8est on ABC)

Free Agents – This rom-com series plays on the idea of two coworkers falling in love. The catch? One’s fiancée just passed away and the other just got divorced. Hank Azaria (the voice of half the cast of The Simpsons) and Kathryn Hahn star. The show was originally done in the U.K. and is bringing one cast member to the states: Anthony Head, former Buffy star. (Wednesdays at 8:30est on NBC)

Last Man Standing – Tim the Tool-Man Taylor returns to the small screen as his alter-ego Tim Allen (wait a minute…) trying to keep and reclaim his manhood in a female dominated world. This increasingly dominant force includes his wife and daughters. Jack Burditt of 30 Rock is executive producer of this return to the classic sitcom.

New Girl – The much-anticipated sitcom starring Zooey Deschanel as an elementary school teacher has been talked about for months. Deschanel, known for her charm and quirky humor, plays a woman not yet struck my cupid’s arrow who moves away from her boyfriend and in with three guys. Liz Meriwether, writer of No Strings Attached, wrote the pilot and is executive producer. (Tuesdays at 9est on FOX)