A successful email campaign starts with a great subject line. The best subject lines are often descriptive or personal, giving the reader a reason to read the rest of your content. But capturing the attention of your subscribers is easier said than done.

If you’re struggling with low email open rates, here are five surefire tips that you can use to write email subject lines. If you want your emails to be opened, and read, spend 4 minutes watching the video, or read on for the tips.

1. Be Descriptive

Your email subscribers are busy – often too busy for subject lines that don’t contain any information about the email’s content. Generic email subject lines don’t give your readers any incentive to click on them.

No matter how good the content of the email is, if your subject line is boring your email may get buried in the inbox. Worse, it may even marked as spam!

Use your subject lines to spark interest by letting your readers know what it’s about.

2. Use Statistics That Stir Curiosity

Subject lines that include numbers and statistics have higher than average open rates.

They can:

  • help to build credibility
  • highlight the value of your email content

Statistics can also be used to tell a story in a short amount of space. Done right, and the stats will tempt readers to open the email AND read it.

3. Avoid Repetition

If you’ve found a formula that works, it can be tempting to stick to it. But when your audience sees the same thing over and over, they’ll start to tune out.

Repetitious subject lines may lead to your subscribers to think that you’ve sent out the same email twice, or that they’ve already read it and there’s nothing new to discover. Over time, it erodes the value of your brand.

Try to keep your subject lines as unique as possible, so readers notice them for the right reasons.

4. Make It Personal

Make an effort to speak directly to your readers, and the specific benefits that they’ll gain by opening your email.

Leveraging what you know about a reader’s interests, makes your email more enticing.

Sharing content that directly helps your subscribers, improves their lives in some way, or even just entertains them for a brief minute, is an ideal way to convince them to open the email.

If you need some inspiration, think of your clients’ pain points, or the last question someone asked about your products/services.

5. Create Fear of Missing Out

Urgency and scarcity are two of the most powerful emotions you can use. People are naturally risk averse – not only in terms of losing money, but also in missing out on a once in a lifetime deal.

Use your subject lines to create urgency by telling your subscribers that they must act now or they’ll miss out.

Leverage FOMO to stress a deadline or limited availability and you’ll find an increase in both open rates and clicks.

Warning: don’t overdo it by using this technique too frequently, or creating urgency when there really isn’t any. It’s a bad practice to say, “only 5 left,” when the truth is you have unlimited supply.