PrimePay's Email Marketing Tips for Small BusinessUsing email as a customer service platform is becoming more and more common across all industries. While it may seem like an impersonal line of communication, it is one that many prefer. Especially since it is a quick and easy avenue for most customers to access.

No matter the size of your business, email marketing is an important element to consider. Email is a crucial tool in the customer experience. Not only can you use it for marketing purposes, but it’s an easy line of contact with your clients and a popular avenue to handle customer service.

Handling customer service issues through email allows you to gather the needed information and craft a clear message to send to a client. It also provides you the upper hand over your competition.

The top three things to consider when formatting your email strategy are:

  • Response time: 41% of customers expect an email response within six hours. Only 36% of companies respond that quickly.
  • Accuracy: Restate the problem or question to show that you understand. This lets clients know they’re in good hands. Provide realistic expectations and after the issue is resolved, be sure to follow-up.
  • Tone: You’re not a robot so don’t write like one! Concentrate on being conversational, clear and informative. Always have someone else edit your emails to make sure you’re coming off in a personable tone.

Mastering the perfect email strategy can tricky for some. This email writing checklist will help make it a bit easier:

Click here to get this Email Writing Checklist.

How do you ensure your customer service stays ahead of your competitors?

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