Tumisu / Pixabay

Email Automation helps service-based business owners like you connect with your customers and drive results in a timely, personalized, relevant way. You set up a series of timed emails that are automatically delivered based on predefined triggers, such as whether or not contacts have opened or clicked a link in an email. Instead of poring over open rates to send follow-up emails, you simply sit back and reap the benefits.

Here are five ways you can take advantage of this timesaving, effective tool.

1. Welcome new subscribers

New subscribers want to hear from you, especially if they’ve just joined your email list. Why not make a great first impression by sending an automated welcome email or series? You want to welcome them, thank them for signing up, introduce your business and tell them how often they’ll hear from you. And don’t forget to let them know what email content to expect. Real estate agents, accountants and financial advisors, for example, could include information on industry trends, how-to posts, interviews with local experts, customer surveys and more to build credibility and trust right off the bat.

2. Nurture relationships

Show clients you care by using Email Automation to schedule happy birthday greetings, send thank you messages and let customers know that you appreciate their business. For example, you can reward loyal customers for their business, thank them for the referrals or wish them a happy holiday.

3. Stay top of mind in the off-season

Seasonal, service-based businesses in industries like landscaping, lawn services and tax preparation can use Email Automation to stay connected to customers during slow times. Take this time to offer customers information they can use, such as seasonal safety tips. During the off-season, it’s likely that your customers aren’t thinking about your business. So instead of taking a break, use automated email to stay relevant and on their radar. That way, they’ll think of you when they do need your services again.

4. Set up appointment reminders

One of the best ways to get repeat business from existing customers is to send them regular reminder emails. With Email Automation, it’s easy for businesses that offer recurring services, such as dentists and mechanics, to remind patients they’re due for a cleaning or a tune-up.

5. Win back lapsed customers

If customers haven’t opened your emails in a while, use Email Automation to create a sense of urgency. Emphasize that time is running out on a special promotion with messaging that spurs customer action. For example, an auto repair shop could send an email detailing a limited-time offer, such as a complimentary oil and filter change, when customers book an appointment.

Why spend hours creating and manually sending out emails to motivate new clients, welcome new subscribers and the like when you can automate the process? With so many ways to engage customers and drive results, Email Automation is worth adding to your marketing toolbox.