With Halloween just a few days away, companies will be trying different strategies to use the holiday to their advantage. It’s no secret that holidays help bring in more leads. Really, any holiday can be used to have a special promotion or incentive for customers to get more interested in your products or services. Even if your company doesn’t sell Christmas decorations, Halloween costumes, or turkeys for Thanksgiving, you can still find ways to get creative. And, the more creative you can get with your email campaigns, the more email opens you’re likely to have.

According to a study done by Growth Business UK, companies who used “Halloween” in their subject lines had 68% more opens than those who didn’t. Of course, this number comes from the U.S. market, but that didn’t mean this strategy didn’t work elsewhere.

So, how can you incorporate “Halloween” into your email campaigns?

Offer a Sale

As mentioned before, any holiday is a good opportunity to bring in more leads. Why? Well, if you can find a way to create some kind of sale based on the holiday, the people will come to you. Generally, the holidays are always a time to buy something – whatever it is. Most people are already in the mindset of buying something. This means you can have a promotion even if what your company sells has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween! However, if you can find a way to connect what you’re selling with October 31st, it’ll certainly help. Do you sell shirts? Have a sale on orange shirts. Do you sell books? Give a discount on mystery series.

Other Incentives Work, Too

Are you not really in a place to have a sale right now? Or, you’re having a hard time figuring out how to tie in the Halloween theme before the big day? No worries. You can try some different incentives. For example, you could do a “refer a friend” and offer the person who made the referral 31% off their next purchase of $100 or more! (Okay, that may be a little high, but you catch our drift.)

Ask Your Followers to Get Involved

Another good way to acquire an increase in email opens during Halloween time is by getting your followers involved in the festivities. You could host a contest to have followers send their best Halloween Instagram photo with one of your company’s products. You could prize the winner with a giveaway. Or, you can set up a Halloween-themed survey that could help you understand your target audience a little bit better. You can use this information to your benefit, and reward those who participated with something like $5 off their next purchase.

Most Importantly, It’s All in the Subject Line

Remember, when you write up and send out an email campaign, the first things your subscribers see are who the email is from and what’s it about. While the content of your email should be just as inviting, the subject line is ALWAYS what gets them to open the email in the first place. And, not just on Halloween, but every other time you send out an email. The difference is when they see “Halloween sale” or another holiday message in the subject line, they are more inclined to click simply because they are excited and interested. So, no matter what you decide to offer, find a way to add the “H-word” to that line.