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Keep reading to earn how to increase your email marketing results!

Building brand awareness is one of the biggest challenges for small businesses and startups. They often don’t have the means and channels big business have at their disposition and can’t afford to spend thousands, and often millions, on huge marketing campaigns that might not even bear fruit. However, email marketing is one of the best ways to build brand awareness easily and on the cheap. Here are a few tips on how to boost your brand’s visibility through email marketing.

Make Sure Your Audience Comes First

Too many newsletters come off as self-serving and are nothing but glorified ads. Users are already bombarded left and right with advertising messages, the last place they want to see them is in their inbox.

The best and only way to build a solid audience is by offering value first and foremost. The large majority of your messages should be purely informational in nature and involve no selling whatsoever. The first message should ideally be a free resource, such as a free guide, course or any other resource of value. A discount or freebie will also be welcomed and will help establish trust. Your subscribers will then value your list and look for other discounts later on and you’ll be able to use your list to promote your brand or advertise product launches once you’ve provided enough value.

Compartmentalize Your List

Another mistake that a lot of email marketers do is send one size fits all messages to members of their list. If you want to successfully build your brand and retain subscribers, you have to make sure that you list is well compartmentalized depending on factors like where the subscribers came from and what your prior interactions were with them.

If someone subscribed after they made a purchase for instance, sending a message on the product they bought would not only be useless but will look unprofessional as well. A follow up email asking for their opinion would be better. Also, if you happen to have gathered a list independently through an email checker service like, your approach should be different as well. You should work first on establishing trust and keep the selling to a minimum. If the subscriber came from your social media page, then you could showcase social media specific promotions or direct them to raffles or contests you might be holding.

Remember to Remain Consistent

Consistency is essential with any email marketing campaign. The frequency of your emails as well as their format should be consistent if you want to build your brand image and build a relationship with your list. In some industries, converting a client could take years, and consistency is key if you want to keep your brand at the top of your audience’s mind when they do decide to make a purchase decision.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to build brand awareness. When used correctly, it allows you to reach your customers directly and build a long-lasting relationship, as long as you focus on providing genuine value.