This week, I’m sharing my tips to make your Email Marketing rock.

1. Create customer-centric emails that are personalized and to one person only.

Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates. – Experian

Do you hate to get email addressed as “Dear Customer,” “Dear Reader” or just “Hello”? It just screams, “I sent this in mass and don’t really care who you are, just buy my service, product etc.”

Yeah, me too! Don’t make your clients or prospects feel like this or you will likely be delegated to the Trash folder without anyone reading your carefully crafted message.

2. Ensure that every single email you send to your list members is useful and valuable.

Don’t send an email just for the sake of doing it because someone told you, you must. Instead, send only information that your audience wants to see. They will look forward to your emails and actually read them.

Top Tips Tuesday: 10 Email Marketing Tips

3. Focus on crafting headlines that let your readers know what’s inside and why they should open it.

We’ve all seen the sensational titles:

Make One Million Dollars in One Day!

Health Insurance Companies HATE This New Trick!

One-Armed Man Applauds the Kindness of Strangers!

The public is savvy about scams and uses spam monitors to keep this kind of email out of their inbox. Your purpose is to serve your audience and these types of headlines will have them unsubscribing in droves.

4. People like lists so if you use a number in your email subject line it’s more likely to be opened.

There are many ways to incorporate a number in your title. You can use it with lists for example.

“8 Tips to Grow Your List.”

Or Use the page length of your lead magnet, for example:

“Discover My 10 Tools for Building your Newsletter.” Get creative.

Top Tips Tuesday: 10 Email Marketing Tips5. A great topic to write about is the mistakes people make.

“7 Mistakes You’re Making in Blogging” is going to get more clicks than “7 Things You Should Do in your Blog Marketing.” Why? Because no one wants to make mistakes.

I used this tactic in my blog post, Top 10 Blogging Mistakes and it is being shared daily on Twitter even 2 weeks after it’s published date.

6. Check out your competition’s email marketing list.

Sign up for their freebies and watch how they do things. Don’t copy them, but figure out how they do it, identify the gaps, and note the topics.

7. Work on building a real relationship with your email list members.

Let them reply directly to the emails you send, and then answer them. They like knowing a real person is behind the emails rather than a faceless company.

8. Writing takes practice.

Email writing should be a little more laid back than most people think. Email should be personal, brief, and exciting to read. Show your enthusiasm by your word choice. Try vocalizing your emails using voice to text to get the rhythm right.

Top Tips Tuesday: 10 Email Marketing Tips

9. Forget what you were taught in high school English.

In your high school English class, you were probably taught to write in the third person, rather than using you and I. However, you should talk directly to each individual, using the word “you” to allude to your more personal relationship, which helps persuade your readers to take the action based on your relationship and their trust.

If you mention the product or solution, link to it, don’t wait until the end. That way the moment your reader is ready to click through, they can do so.

11. Make it simple for your audience to unsubscribe.

What? Why would I make unsubscribe simple? Think of it this way, if your subscriber decides your product or service is not what they need, why would you keep marketing to them? By unsubscribing, they allow you to concentrate on the people who are looking for what you are providing.

A good practice is to remind them how they signed up for your email list at the top of your email and provide the unsubscribe link there too. There is no reason to keep people on your list that don’t want to be there.

Are you using all of these tips in your email marketing? If not, pick one and implement it. I’d love to hear your results.