Top 10 Best Content Upgrade Tools to Grow your Email List
Content Upgrade Tools and Plugins

For the last few days, I’ve been researching the best content upgrade tools to help you dramatically grow your email subscriber list. More specifically, I researched content upgrade delivery tools to help deliver bonus content to new subscribers, after they subscribe. I made list of everything I found, and what tools I recommend using.

You should first note that there’s not enormous amounts of competition out there, even though this type functionality seems so trivial. But, after doing quite a bit of research here are 10 of the absolute best content upgrade tools to use to grow your email list.

1. Checkli

Checklists are one of the easiest and quickest content upgrades you can make. What I like most about Checkli is that you can make a checklist (content upgrade) on Checkli; and you can embed their email forms on your site or blog, to easily get subscriber’s email addresses, in exchange for your checklists. In other words, you can make the content upgrade, and generate emails and leads.

• $99 per year
• Unlimited content upgrades
• Create unlimited checklists (content upgrades)
• WP Plugin
• No credit card free trial

2. Sumo

Sumo is awesome with an endless suite of tools to grow your email list. Advanced marketers love Sumo because you can AB test forms, try different email list tools, all in addition to using their content upgrade email forms.

• $228 -$1,500+ per year
• Large suite of tools
• A/B Testing
• WP Plugin

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster blew up over the last year or two. Their email forms are super easy to build and embed on your site. They integrate well with any 3rd party email marketing platform, plus they are reasonably priced.

• $108 – $348 per year
• WordPress Plugin
• Simple to use

4. Leadpages

Traditionally, Leadpages is best know for being the best at building landing pages, but their content upgrade tools are pretty awesome now too. Lots of themes, lots of features. perfect for power users who want a huge suite of options to grow their email list.

• $300 – $576+ per year
• Lots of landing page and content upgrade options
• Great support
• Industry leader

5. ThriveThemes

If you love WordPress and WordPress plugins, you will love ThriveThemes. It’s one of the better options to get email subscribers using content upgrades, if you’re site or blog is on WordPress.

• $228 per year and up
• Very WordPress friendly
• Themes and plugins

6. Content Upgrades Pro

This content upgrade tool is strictly for WordPress. It’s a super simple app with simple and effective features. I’m a fan of simplicity, so that’s why i added them to this checklist.

• $47-$197 (one time fee)
• WordPress Only
• Super simple

7. Content Upgrade Me

They seem to focus on two platforms, WordPress and Medium. So, if you use either, you may want to try this app to grow your email list.

• $108 – $288 per year
• 3rd party integrations
• No credit card free trial
• Medium and WordPress friendly

8. Vyper

They have a lot of tools in heir suite to grow your email lists, which is probably why they are a bit pricey. However, the content upgrade tool is great and easy to use. I suggest using them if you want access to more advanced tools for your content upgrades.

• $348-$1,500 per month

9. Sleeknote

This app has a pretty nice drag and drop email form builder. it’s perfect for content upgrades and growing your email list. Pricing is very high but it might be worth it, if you’re a bigger company, agency or brand.

• $828 to $9,000
• Easy drag and drop form builder

10. MailChimp

MailChimp was my fist “content upgrade” tool. While Mailchimp is great at email marketing, you have to do a simple “hack” to add your content upgrade. Simply add a link to your content upgrade on the subscriber confirmation email, so the new subscriber gets the free download, after they subscribe. It works really well, if you know how to do it.

• Free up to 2,000 emails
• Great newsletter builders
• Excellent support


Everyone wants our sacred and personal email addresses. So, my suggestion goes beyond picking the right content upgrade tool to grow your email list. Once you’ve earned an email address, cherish it like you cherish your own. Think before you blast and be sincere.

If you’re still a newbie, study up on the most effective ways to blast emails in an ethical and effective method.

Good luck!