As you might have heard, “Go big or go home!” or in other words “Don’t rest until you’ve achieved everything you’ve imagined.”

That’s the absolute truth, at least if you’re one of the people devoted to succeeding in the online world – whether that’s getting more customers to buy your product, readers to read your stories, people visiting your site. But that success doesn’t fall from the sky. You have to earn it through a massive marketing strategy that would lift you on the highest step of the ladder. And that, my friends, is building an email list.

After all, email subscribers are the key to the doors of your dreams where you surely see yourself as the most successful blogger or business leader on the planet. Me? Yes, you. Everyone can achieve that by building a huge email list with more and more subscribers joining it every day.

I’ll show you how to gain an insane number of subscribers. In return, lend me just a small portion of your time and your full concentration. Follow these tips and build the longest email list you’ve ever seen. Let’s begin, shall we?

Throw a bait to catch the fish


You must have understood by now that nothing comes free in this world. You have to give something in order to receive something in return. That’s what you should do first on the path toward building your massive email list. You have to come up with a thing that you could produce and give it away to your potential subscribers. That would lure them to you like fish in the water and with the help of the bait you will capture them in the net – your email list. I don’t say that everyone who sees what you’re giving away would click and subscribe but it’s worth a try as most people do exactly that.

For example, if you lead a food blog, you can offer an eBook “15 Recipes of Desserts That Are Yummy yet Good for Your Tummy!” and there you go. Everyone interested to read about healthy and in the same time sweet desserts will sign up and join your email list of subscribers.

Become a content master


Okay, let’s say a bunch of subscribers are already on your email list and another huge group was attracted by your offer of something free and they signed up. Now what? What can you do to make them stay in your list? It’s of course the content of your emails. Always write about stuff that are relevant to the original idea of your blog or connected to the mission of your business.

To illustrate, we’ll stick with the food blog example. Imagine your subscribers waking up and finding an email from you with red letters saying “Good morning! Have a nice cup of coffee with us!” and below that there are types of different coffees from around the world together with recipes of how to make them. Bingo! That would sneak a smile on their faces in the same time presenting you as a subscription that was worth to be made and as one that should be spread around to other possible subscribers. In no time, your screen would no longer be able to contain the length of your email list.

The domination of the pop-up


First to clear something up, asking for people to subscribe to you is not spamming. Or at least you can try your best not to spam them. The trick’s that you have to know how to do it. Pop-ups. I’m 100 percent sure that you must’ve come across a site where after spending a couple of minutes a message pops up on your screen inviting you to subscribe. They don’t do it for nothing, you know! They have to be action packed and well-timed, with striking colors and perhaps a flashing phrase ‘Subscribe NOW!’ to stick with the reader and provoke them to click the button.

Besides pop-up messages, putting out forms or let’s say subscribe buttons on different places on your site is just the right thing. Consider doing that in the right side bar, the top of the page or the bottom or even in the about page. Whatever suits your needs! Your intentions will surely come into the visitors’ focus and will leave you with a couple of additional points on your email list. Be careful to compose a compelling, short, clear and in the same time sweet message that would go perfectly together with the pop-up.

Naming the heading wasn’t just a pure coincidence. Here’s the wonderful WordPress plugin called Popup Domination to come at your aid.

The perks of being an extrovert


The growth of your email list largely depends on you being an extrovert in the online world. And we all know what that stands for. It’s social media and all other forms of encouraging the users to hit the subscribe button and join your email list. The main role here belongs to the call to action (or more commonly CTA). For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s basically a phrase or a sentence and even a short paragraph where you persuade the reader into taking action – in this case subscribing. That’s why such sentences should be a part of the content you’re trying to get promoted.

Before setting up and developing your social media pages and do some campaigning, make sure to add ‘social sharing’ buttons that will connect you with all of your accounts in the virtual reality.

To begin with, Facebook is one of the largest social media where billions of active users can see your blog or website. Make a Facebook page that requires email submission and you’re fit to go. Everyone who’d ‘like’ it will be a part of your ever-growing email list.

But let’s not stop here. Twitter, too, can be quite helpful. By creating a Twitter campaign, which would consist of an eBook or a product that would require an email address in order the users to redeem it, you’d add a bunch of bricks in the construction of your email list.

Last, I’d like to mention Pinterest. Having in mind that it’s specialty are pictures only, here you can present images of the things you write about or sell, but limit the viewing by an email sign-up. That would make everyone interested in the content, submit their email and off they go in your huge email list.