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When you introduce your business online, collecting emails, and engaging with your audience or subscribers becomes a vital part. The very first method of Digital Marketing was through emails. Even now email is vastly used and believed to be one of the best methods of Digital Marketing with the highest ROI.

Best practices of email marketing must be initiated and applied to hold and increase loyal audience & subscribers. But for a business to increase sales through email marketing

may not be as easy as it sounds. However, there are few procedures, if followed, can help you manage and grow your list.

Before rushing into the procedures, it is important to determine what assembles to have a healthy and growing list. Two main elements for keeping a list healthy are engagement with the audience and churning of the list over a while to eliminate any lost or invalid audience and to introduce new customers. Consistent and continuous use of these two elements enables to maintain a healthy list.

Now let’s get to the best practices and procedures to grow and manage the list.

Welcome new subscribers

You must be familiar with the phrase ‘first impression is the last impression’. This applies to email marketing as well. It is very easy to bore people now as no one has any spare time to spend on reading an email that is not interesting. Hence your first contact with a subscriber must be exciting, thoughtful, well researched, and impressive so that your audience sticks around and engages with your content one way or another.

Provide frequency options to subscribers

People tend to unsubscribe when they start to receive surplus emails. Hence it only makes sense that your subscribers get to choose the number of emails they are willing to receive in a week or a month. This will also help you to focus more on your content marketing strategy rather than wasting time on segregating into parts. You will be more confident and gain a clearer view of your content.

Produce stunning campaigns with breathtaking content and design

People want to receive emails or newsletters that speaks so accurately to them, it is only right to be following such content. At the end of the day, only your content can hold your list and keep your audience amused. Hence it is very important to build great and fascinating content for your customers. Always make sure that you hire the right team to create your content that speaks accurately to your audience. The content you create must be genuine and is able to add value. Get to the point without wasting your audience’s time. Always remember that it is very easy to bore your audience and there are limitless options that your audience may move to.

Churn and maintain a clean list of your audience

I have good reason to fixate on the word ‘churn’. You see churning your list from time to time is very important for the success of your content. Many businesses that desire growth through email marketing often struggle to find success only due to the lack of list management procedure which further causes an increase in the bounce rate due to invalid and wrong addresses. Few techniques to maintain your list hygiene are as follows:

  • Filter your subscriber according to their differences (location, gender, etc,.)
  • Remove addresses that bounce back your emails
  • Delete addresses with typos and errors
  • Remove duplicate entries
  • Remove invalid email addresses

Even if you have a large number of removable addresses you must stick to removing them as people usually tend to change their mails or outgrow their interests. This also reduces your bounce rate and ensure the delivery of your emails. Now you can get a clear view of your audience that is interested in your content and provide you with a far look of your content.

Generate new campaigns to reconnect with your old audience

Now that you have a specified and strong list of your audience after all the churning, it is time that you generate new ideas to reinvigorate with your audience. Even among the purified emails, you may have an audience who simply don’t open or read your emails. You may feel these leads are a lost cause but there lies opportunity. How you might wonder! Well for starters, they are still subscribed to your emails. If you revise and restructure your content these very contacts may turn into your loyal audience. These campaigns always prove helpful to reconnect. But, even then if you have a few dead-end contacts you should remove them and look forward to your new contacts.

Provide easy access to unsubscribe

Why would one want their subscribers to let go easy you ask? You must make peace that no matter how hard you try some people just ignore emails and may not be interested in your products and services anymore. Giving them an easy out can only make your churning process easy. This deflects your email from ending up as spam. With them off your list, you remain with a focused and centred audience that makes it easier to build more relevant content.

Buying lists is off-limits

It is already known to many that it is unethical to buy a list. There could be serious consequences as it treated as a crime in most places. Moreover, these emails are mostly of low quality and clearly may not have any connection with your brand. If you want your audience to speak to your brand then you must avoid such options. You might even get blacklisted while exploring such options. It is of utmost importance that you understand and focus on quality rather than quantity.

Best tools to grow your list

Now that you have gathered some knowledge to manage and grow your list, it is also important that you have a few software tools in your possession for your brand growth.


This plugin offers a template-based email form when you can set up your email as you like it. You can choose to opt-in to emails and track their progress. Also, its interface supports several campaign structures and has different toggles for the analytics you choose to track.


HubSpot’s email marketing is a part of the Professional CRM. Its main functions are to delight customers using easy tools for marketers. You can tailor every email in a campaign to target subscribers during specific lifestyle stages, or depending upon any other contact information. HubSpot also offers A/B testing and analytics, so you can be confident in your email campaign as you send and track it.


Through this tool, you can split test various page copy and other elements without making any changes to your original website. You can create varieties of popup, contact form or contest banner, and further test each individual part and then decide on the combination that produces the best results.


With Unbounce you can create attractive landing pages. You can also choose from a library of templates for a perfect fit for your campaign or create a page from scratch with its drag and drop page builder. They also offer analytics and split testing (A/B testing).

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook has over 1.94 billion monthly active users, and great targeting options which give you a massive pool of people who could potentially become your clients. Facebook’s Lead Ads are good for collecting sign-ups for newsletters, follow-up calls, and other types of business information.