Memorial Day is one of the most important U.S. holidays that celebrates fallen soldiers and honors the sacrifices of the military personnel. Besides, it also marks the commencement of summer.

This year, Memorial Day falls on the 27th of May and it is sure to garner a good number of customers. In view of this trend, it is, of course, an important day for all the email marketers out there. It is an opportunity to entice the customers to splurge and complete the purchase.

It still isn’t too late to plan the email campaign for Memorial Day and to make things easy for you, we bring to you some email inspirations that you can learn from.

The Home Depot Garden Club

Subject Line: Coupon Inside + Light Up Your Memorial Day

The email opens with an interesting GIF that displays all the products that the subscribers may like to buy for their garden. It is followed by the offers on different items like garage storage, work wear, ceiling fans, and outdoor power. The only disadvantage of this email is that it looks cluttered with too many distractions and no white space.


Subject Line: Countdown to Memorial Day Weekend Special!

The email has a simple design that instantly puts forth the message of “PRE MEMORIAL DAY SALE”. The hero image showcases the product on sale and attracts the target audience to buy it. There is a single CTA without any unnecessary elements to distract the subscriber. The image is followed by an engaging copy that talks more about the offer.

The footer includes the social media links which is a good practice to encourage user interaction on other platforms except email.

alice olivia by stacey bendet

Subject Line: Happy Memorial Day from a+o

The imagery conveys a warm Memorial Day wish to the reader and reflects summer vibes. The typography instantly grabs the attention of the readers and lets them know what the email is about. The next section showcases the offer along with the CTA.

Paper Direct

Subject Line: Celebrate Memorial Day with Free Shipping on themed stationery!

Paper Direct sends a beautiful email that adheres well to the text to image ratio. The offer is highlighted right at the outset of the email, below the menu. It promotes the different products through separate sections and related CTAs. There is ample whitespace that imparts a neat and clean look to the email.

Mattress Firm

Subject Line: Take a peak: It’s our Memorial Day Preview Sale!

Though the hero image is quite attractive, the message may not get conveyed if the images are turned off in the email clients. It is a good idea to highlight the product feedback in the email to garner more conversions.

It would have been better to include social sharing icons in the email footer.