email marketing cleansing tips

It’s a new year and that means a chance to try new things when it comes to your email marketing. While you shouldn’t disregard any things you’ve done in the previous year that were successful, sometimes this side of a business can really get “messy.” And, though it’s not quite time for spring cleaning yet, there’s no reason you can’t start off fresh with your marketing strategy.

Everything needs a little tidying up once in a while. In addition to clearing out your own inbox, you should also try these email marketing cleansing tips:

email marketing cleansing tips

New Year, New Template

Have you been noticing a slow-down with your email engagement? Then, why on Earth are you still using the same template from last year? Sure, it may be comfortable and easy to use for you, but for customers, that old routine has gotten boring. It’s time to liven things up with a new template, a new color scheme, a new logo, etc.

And, you don’t make yourself crazy to do this. Make sure you keep everything within the budget. Just, please, don’t make your past customers look at the same thing for a whole other year to come. A new template will immediately have them engaged, just because they can see that something is different.

Change it up, buddy!

Put that Trash in the “Trash Can”

We can’t be the only ones who have an inbox with at least 1,000 unread emails, right? If this sounds like you (or, you’re lucky enough to have only that much), it’s time to put that trash in the trash can.

This also goes for your subscriber lists. If you have a subscriber you haven’t heard from in a while, maybe reach out to them one more time, and then delete. You may also have a lot of bounce-backs from people who have changed their email addresses over time. Unfortunately, too many invalid emails, whether it’s your error or someone else’s, doesn’t look good for you.

Therefore, you really need to clean it up by verifying these subscribers’ addresses. If they’re still not clear, then delete and move on.

email marketing cleansing tips

Use Your Emails to Make Invitations

A lot can happen in a year. In that time, perhaps you’ve lost touch with some customers. One way to cleanse your email marketing campaign is by going back and essentially “inviting-back” those past customers. Using a promotion or an interesting announcement to re-engage these people is a great way to get a fresh start on your email marketing agenda.

And, Finally…Reorganize Constantly

Once you’ve put into play these email marketing cleansing tips, it’s time to keep it clean. While all of us need a reminder every so often, strive to stick to your organization goals. Once you’ve cleaned out your inbox, gotten in touch with past customers, and revamped your template, try your best to keep it that way. Constantly stay on top of your contacts and your email content in order to build a strong relationship with your customers. That way, you’ll create an even stronger and more reliable email marketing campaign than ever before.

You got this!

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