Email remains as one of the most popular vehicles for outbound marketing, and despite naysayers who insist that various forces are striking email marketing dead, a benchmark report from MarketingSherpa found that 64% of companies planned to increase their 2013 investment in email marketing. What does that mean exactly? It means that those marketers saw what was possible for email marketing, and they made a plan—and their plans are working, because email marketing is generating more leads than ever before, and 40% of B2B marketers rated the leads generated by email marketing as high quality. So what are they doing that’s getting them these wins? Many things, but here are a few.

They Consider Smartphones in Their Strategy

Smart email marketers know that 88% of people check their emails daily on a mobile device, and they optimize accordingly. But this means more than designing mobile-friendly emails. It means considering the increasing probability of calls from mobile devices to your business, which means you need to have a phone number in your marketing emails. Marketers with successful email strategy are using click-to-calls to address the needs of mobile users…and getting great results.

They Design More Conclusive A/B Tests

Every smart marketer knows that in order to do what works, you need to know what’s working. This means extensive A/B testing on subject lines, calls to action, etc. to increase email campaign conversion rates. But marketers who are serious about success don’t stop with open rates as the deciding factor for an A/B test winner: they look farther down the funnel at clicks and conversions, and this means measuring all things measurable, such as registrations, downloads, demo requests, phone calls, and more. Measuring phone calls from email marketing gets tricky, but the reason marketers who are doing email right are able to claim the leads they generate is because they know how to track them and they factor calls into their A/B testing. In many cases, a prospect gets an email, goes to the landing page, and then calls the business. For too many marketers, the ability to measure that lead disappears, and so does the accuracy of their A/B test. If you want to keep up with the winners, don’t lose your leads.

They Provide Options

Smart marketers know not to give too many calls to action at the risk of confusing the recipient and decreasing chances of conversion. But providing prospects with the option of contacting you via phone or form is something every marketer should do, especially given the rise of mobile. Email marketing doesn’t always stay online, and the marketers who see the most success with their email campaigns know this better than anyone.

These are only some of the ways that smart marketers are gaining significant value from their email marketing campaigns. Want to learn more? Download our free guide, the Definitive Guide to Call Tracking for Email Marketing now.