When it comes to email marketing, engage your audience is mission-critical. Without motivating your subscribers to take the actions that you want them to do – be it purchase or just garner a little more brand loyalty – all your efforts will be futile.

But is that the only thing in mind you should have when crafting up your marketing automation series?

Absolutely not!

Who Else My Email For?

I know, you probably were not thinking that would be the answer. Let’s rehash that and take a few moments to unpack this revolutionary thought.

So, how can it really be that the emails you write to your subscribers are also are intended for someone else? And how does that fly with all the privacy laws? Well, in truth we are not writing with the intention that someone else sees the email; we’re writing so that email clients “see” your email in a good light.

Tricks from the World of SEO
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SEO experts will tell you that you need to write for both people and search engines. The same goes for Email Marketers. We need to engage people and email clients. But how does one engage for the sake of engagement and email marketing metrics?

How to Do Email Marketing Correctly

The first thing that you need to do is listen. Listen to what the customers are looking for. And do you know where you’re going to get this information from? From the customer service team and also when you do your deep dive campaign analysis! Once you know what your subscribers want to read, you can cater them with more on-topic content, which in turn will keep them reading your emails send after send.

And then be sure to use targeted campaigns to your most engaged subscribers ask them questions so that they reply to the email. If there’s a small group of your most engaged fans, be sure to get them to read and reply to your emails. This is the best way to show Gmail and other email clients that your customers want to receive your emails… in the inbox! If you’re using “[email protected]” stop it. Allow your customers to reply to emails – you can get this to route to your customer support queue – because this will help with engagement and deliverability.

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