Traditional outbound lead generation typically involved a dial tone and a mind-numbing array of telephone numbers. Today, it’s more sophisticated – and more digital.

Email has become one of the most important touch-points between your sales team and their prospects. It opens the door to a larger conversation, and can result in long-term nurturing while prospects consider making a purchase.

Here’s a list of our top six favorite outbound email prospecting tools, so you can unlock the fullest potential of your leads.


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Outreach is a powerhouse account-based sales platform. It enables sales teams to email, or call, their prospects and learn when is the best time to follow-up. As it focuses on account-based selling, it provides unique multi-persona targeting so your team can reach the right people within a company.

Price: No free trial; starts at $75 per month


  • Voice dialler, so you can follow-up with prospects via phone as well as email
  • Salesforce and Gmail integrations
  • Customizable workflows
  • Sales analytics
  • Access to experts in account-based sales
  • Sales automation, which learns when is the best time to send messages to your prospect


  • May require training of sales staff in account-based sales best practices, if not already familiar


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PersistIQ is an outbound sales automation platform that combines intelligent data with the human touch. It enables sales teams to develop personalized outbound email drip campaigns at scale, while leveraging data and automation to deliver the best results.

Price: No free trial; starts at $59 per month


  • Highly flexible automation – automate as much or as little of the sales process as makes sense to you
  • Sales analytics
  • Ability to personalize emails while delivering large-scale campaigns
  • Salesforce, Chrome and other web integrations
  • Smart follow-up technology


  • Email-only, does not integrate with phone or other communication channels

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 6.36.33 PM helps you close more deals by bringing your sales workflow into one place and requiring no manual data entry. Emails sent and received are tracked automatically, and your sales team can make and receive calls – also tracked – with one click.

Price: 14 day free trial; starts at $65 per user per month


  • Lead activity appears as soon as you connect with that lead, so all information is available immediately
  • Automatic data entry
  • Emails can be tracked and sent from either or your own email client
  • Easy CRM migration tool to bring in leads and sales data


  • Reporting may not be as strong as other platforms



Yesware helps sales teams identify the best possible message at every step of the sales process, by analyzing open rates, attachment opens, link clicks and more. It also enables email drip campaign creation, to engage prospects on a consistent basis.

Price: Free trial; starts at $12 per user per month


  • Gmail, Salesforce, Outlook integration
  • Provides prescriptive analytics to help sales team make smarter choices
  • Combines email automation with phone dialer and custom email templates
  • Easy-to-use reporting and analytics
  • Fully functional mobile app


  • Prescriptive analytics must be added on and may be expensive



Toutapp is a sales platform that enables sales teams to increase their pipeline, drive and close more deals, and manage and forecast using precise data. Reps are able to use email and other methods of communication to reach out to and follow up with leads consistently.

Price:14 day free trial; starts at $49 per user per month


  • Integration with Gmail, Outlook, phone and calendar
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Ability to create a sales playbook so that reps have best practices for any situation
  • Robust data and health checks


  • Email replies from leads are not pulled into the system; have to use external email client to view



An email-focused sales tool that enables teams to automatically send friendly follow-up emails to prospects until they are answered.

Price: Forever free plan; unlimited plan: $8 per user per month


  • Integration with Gmail
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Smart automation stops sending follow-ups once response is received
  • Metrics show how each email was engaged with


  • Smaller feature set than other solutions – only offers email automation

So there you have it! Our top six tools for outbound email prospecting. Let us know your thoughts on the tools above, or any other recommendations you have.