Ever dreamed about becoming a writer where every one of your stories gets quickly consumed by readers? Or earning an incredible source of income for your business?

Well, we got a solution for you: Rabbut. The simplest tool to collect emails on your blog and send posts to your subscribers, automatically.

Rabbut solves a problem most bloggers and businesses face — that is getting your name out to the right people. We’re talking about the people who’d retweet your content over and over again. The ones who’d drop a fan note in your story. You don’t even have to ask, they’ll be your marketer for free.

This can all be done by adding our subscription box onto your blog posts. Everything else, we handle.

As long as you keep doing what you do best — writing, the more emails you will collect. After all, people are always scouting for great content.

But how do emails translate into money? Or turn me into a prominent writer?

The million dollar question everyone asks. Let me break it down into steps, so you can see how emails can get you the fame and fortune you’ve always wanted.

1. Targets your audience

At this time and age, everyone is literally in front of their screens, seeking for answers, entertainment, or irresistible goods. You might think it’s a smart idea to target everyone to know about you or your business. But it’s a huge time-waster guessing who your loyal fans are.

Save yourself the hassle and put a CTA box at the bottom of your posts to filter your loyal fans. Remember, you need people who will always put themselves out for you.

2. Brings content right in front of your fan’s face

It’s hard to grab people’s attention, let alone, get them engaged with content they like or find useful.

Sure, social media may be the quickest way to share your content. But did you know only 6% of your Facebook followers see your post? Compare that with email — 20.2% opens.


With Rabbut, you get more engagement for your post, because every one of your posts gets delivered to your subscriber’s inbox. Ready to be read.

3. Brings in the dough

Once you have a huge list of dedicated fans and are ready to launch a new product, an Ebook, online courses…, it’s an easy pitch. Just send the announcement, and watch your fans quickly convert to customers. It’s not long until money starts pouring into your bank account.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your subscription box, get those emails coming in. It’s time you become the next big hit. Isn’t it?

Here’s what the subscription box looks like:

A preview of how subscription boxes look like on Medium