Believe it or not, email marketing campaigns are an effective strategy for businesses. In fact, 82% of marketers agree that videos used in email marketing campaigns generate higher conversions, longer retention times on websites, and establish better interaction between users and companies.

What are you waiting for? Here are three simple steps to adding video into your email campaign.

1. Never embed the video into email templates.

When you include video in an email campaign, it does not mean that you actually embed the video in the email. It is just an illusion of video with a link to the video’s host site. You may come across other blog posts that insist on embedding videos into the email, but this is not an effective means of marketing.  Doing this increases the risk of your emails being sent to the spam folder, not operating properly for users, and, mostly likely, they will not operate for all web browsers.

2. Select a hosting site for your video.

Once your video is completed, you must decide where to host it. There are all sorts of ways to host your video, from YouTube, to Wistia, or even host it on your own server. You must host your video in order to generate a digital link that will direct viewers to the video.

3. Create your Design

In order to create the video effect in an email, you must make it appear that the video is within the email campaign. To do so, create a screenshot of the video with the video player and even the play button. When your viewers view the video, they will click the video image, which will direct them to where the video is hosted, where they can watch it.


When you create the thumbnail or screenshot of the video, it is important to choose an interesting photo, as this is what will add interest to your campaign.

There you have it! Much easier than you thought. Just by adding snippets of video images and attaching the link to your videos to your email is all it takes to enhance your overall email campaign. Let us know how it goes!