How would it feel if you invest all the time and effort in creating an email campaign, but it does not get delivered to the recipient? That is the biggest blasphemy for any email marketer.

If your email reaches the spam folder rather than the inbox, all your efforts will do down the drain and it will not get read. Consequently, the purpose of sending the image will be defeated and your email marketing will make no difference. More often than not, email marketers discover the spam issues only after their email performance falls apart. The sad part is that by then, it is quite late to make amends.

According to Litmus, 70% emails have at least one spam-related issue that could hamper deliverability.

To make sure that your emails do not have such issues, deliverability tools come into picture. There are two types of deliverability tools that you should know about. One is pre-deliverability tools while the other one is post-deliverability tools.

Test your emails for spam with pre-deliverability tools

Most of the marketers believe that it is not possible to learn about the deliverability issue before hitting the Send button. However, that is a myth. The truth is that spam filters are dynamic and inbox providers do not disclose how they judge a spam email.

Take a look at some of the facts that are sure to make your emails end up in the spam filters.

  • Sending emails from a blacklisted domain will get them captured in the spam filters.
  • In case your emails do not get authenticated by SPF and DKIM, they will be marked as SPAM.
  • Not setting up the DMARC record appropriately will activate the spam filters.
  • Including spammy content in your email might land your email in the spam folder.

Pre-send deliverability tools let you check these aspects before sending the email, with the help of which you can resolve the issues that you come across in the emails. These tools let the marketing teams control the deliverability rate and fix any issues even if they are not technically sound.

Take a look at 8 most popular pre-send deliverability tools:

  • Email on Acid
  • Return Path
  • 250ok
  • Mail-Tester
  • eDataSource
  • SpamAssassin
  • Litmus Spam Testing
  • MailMonitor

Post-send deliverability tools to keep track of inbox placement rates

Post-send deliverability tools let you know the percentage of emails that go to the inbox once you hit the send button. While ESPs let you know if your email got delivered or not, they do not give you any information on whether it made it to the inbox or spam folder. With the help of a third-party post-send deliverability tool, you can get this information and tools to revamp your strategy for better performance.

The extensively used post-send deliverability monitoring tools are mentioned below:

  • SendForensics
  • eDataSource
  • 250ok
  • Return Path
  • MailMonitor
  • EmailReach

Wrapping Up

These tools will not only inform you if your email has been blacklisted but also validate the email authentication. You will be able to enhance the performance of your email campaigns, which in turn will greatly increase the ROI.